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HULLO THERE it's been a while and I haven't been uploading much so i wanted to write a journal with some news n stuff!
  • I made an account on ArtistsNClients, rightttt: THERE, which is a pretty neat site -- they do this thing where the client submits a payment to the site, and it gets held until the artist uploads the finished commission for approval. So if anyone was thinking about commissioning me but is worrying about security, this could be a good solution! They do take a small cut, but it's worth it if it takes the pressure of getting scammed away, right?
  • I'm still working on secret santa gifts, I've got four more due through the middle of January. So I won't be uploading a lot until I get those done! I'll put them all together on my tumblr once i've finished with them in a nice little photoset. :>
  • I'll be at NSOcon in New York this February, but no word on the other conventions I've applied to yet -- i'll try to keep statuses updated on my front page. My storenvy and s6 shops are always open, though!
  • and of course, I'm always working on comic stuff in between other things. It's been very slow progress, but I'm hoping to change that in the new year!!
so that's about it. I hope you all are having splendid holidays! I myself have been super absorbed in Dragon Age when I haven't been drawing or working (I can't start Inquisition for a while tho and i'm sO DISTRESSED OVER IT wwehh. soon, inquisitor. SOON) i set up a PSN account just to play DA:I, haha, ha. ha.... so yeah if anyone wants to talk Origins or DA2 with me I will be the happiest little cup of leafwater, it will be me. (pleasetalktomeaboutdragonage)
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I'll be at Alternicon in Boston this weekend!! If you're going you should totally come say hi. We won't know our table location 'til we get there, but I'll probably make a post on tumblr or tweet about it or something? or hit me up if i forget to do that and i'll tell ya where we are.

I'll also be at NSO con in New York in February! Both of these are small cons that probably aren't super well-known, but if anyone I know is gonna be there I'd love to chat, so please stop by!! I also applied for Anime Boston again, but we haven't heard back from them yet. I was debating about applying to Quinnicon in CT as well, if anyone's gone or knows anything about their alley, i'd love to get some more info on that one, because i know very little about it! Or other small New England cons in general, i'd like to try some new ones that aren't too far, and i've really enjoyed the small cons i've been to. c:

anyway i've gotta continue getting my stuff together for setup tomorrow!! i have a few new designs that unfortunately aren't ready for Alternicon, but will definitely be available for future cons. If there's anything y'all think I should do, i'm also open to suggestions! (no promises though, hehe)

Anyhow, i hope you're all doing well!

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Aacalleymap by affectionateTea

SO i'm a smidge belated but i have been trying to get my act together for AAC in a couple weeks!!! I shall be there all weekend with my buddy usagi ( with restocked prints, and a few new things!! i also fully intend to sit out in the hallway upstairs  and draw for a while on fri or sat evening (most likely saturday) so if you're gonna be there you should 100% come by and chill and we can scribble dumb things in each others sketchbooks!! i may also bring bookmarks or somethin' to hand out. It'll be my last con of 2014, and also the last one i've currently got scheduled.... not sure what i'm gonna be up to next year.

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ALL DONE thanks for coming!! I'll try to do another one soon. :>


Gonna livestream in for a lil bit!! Doing some hswc prompts, maybe working on my TOP SECRET!!! comic, and possibly taking some requests if i've got time! Come chill and chat with me a bit if you feel like it. :>

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I like bandwagons. I'm gonna join the bandwagon

   31stuck: Spiderb8tch by affectionateTea  When Sparks Fly by affectionateTea  HSWC'13 - Find Me Again by affectionateTea  Trespasser by affectionateTea  care to share a cig with a brother? by affectionateTea

Vriska is one of my favorite things I've ever drawn, I think, even though it was from so long ago. That was one of the moments where I thought, "I can actually do this," which doesn't really happen all that often for me? So it was a big milestone on a personal level. Next we have Lucina, which is probably the best thing i've ever drawn, haha. I'm super proud of that image. After that is last year's HSWC entry that I took point on and coded and did about half the art for, which was hellish but also a blast and I'm really proud of how it turned out, and I want to work more in flash in the future. After that is the beginning of my PacRim spree which was kicked off by Trespasser. I still want to finish all the kaiju in PR... perhaps after Otakon. And last, I really like this one image I did of Kurloz and Meenah for a request blog I was part of a while back. It never got much attention because rarepair, but I think I learned a lot from it.

And also have Walcott because she is my OC and I love her and I needed *something* original in this list...... :'>
Walcott by affectionateTea

I've been on dA for a long time, and it's been fun and I've met a whole bunch of super rad people here. Hopefully it will continue to be awesome from here on out!

(I mostly just did this for the badge tho huehuehue)

Also, reminder that I'm at Otakon this weekend at table X-07, so come visit me if you're gonna be there!! (We're listed as Notoriously Nerdy Arts, as that is my table buddy's moniker.) I will be pretty inactive until next week, but should return soon. :D

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HEY Y'ALL I'm gonna be at Otakon next weekend!! HERE HAVE A MAP:
Otakonmap by affectionateTea
THAT WAS A MAP, WHOA. can u believe it. So YEAH y'all should absolutely come find me if you're going, and say hi!!! and chat w me. I will be at the table preeeeetty much the whole time, with the exception of maybe one or two photoshoots? and maybe a panel. I WILL HAVE CHARMS AT MY TABLE
Keychain Emelisloth by affectionateTea
among other things!! And lots of cool new stuff. I'll be sharing the table with a friend of mine, so you should absolutely check her stuff out too! She's mozzy on tumblr. There will also be some jewelry made by our buddy Lizz at our table, so we have all kinds of variety. 8) I will be offering commissions as well, but those are pretty limited because of time constraints, so ask early to be sure you get a spot! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. \o/

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visit my print shop!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 8:56 AM

i finally got my lil hiney in gear and opened up a storenvy!! go give it a look! I print and ship myself through storenvy, so it takes a wee bit longer but I can charge less and keep the profits. c: So if you want something but can't make it to any of the conventions I go to, this is the place to get some art! It's a little sparse right now, but i'm working on getting more to put in there. 8')

my s6 is also having a sale, so if you visit through my link (this one!!) you'll get free shipping, and $5 off your order. 8D so i'll go upload some more things there so there's a greater variety!! s6 handles all the printing and shipping.

I gotta go to work, and then it's back to making stuff for Otakon and working on my comic! also, i absolutely waited to make this journal until today so i could use a super special journal skin. hella. B) Let me know by the end of the day if you'd like to be featured, since I can do that!

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i had a complETELY FABULOUS time, got to meet so many fantastic new people, and chat with a few friends too! I'm finally almost recovered from an exhausting (but hella fun) weekend. now i get to start preparing for Otakon this summer.... 8')

I'm gonna frantically work on revamping my website and also getting a store up somewhere so I can sell some leftover stuff and start fresh for Ota. So keep an eye out, that stuff should be happening soon, I hope!!

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I'VE BEEN SUPER BUSY DRAWINg LIKE A MANIAC and it's so exciting and also terrifying but mostly hella rad!!! I just got my trading cards in the mail today and they look fABuLOUS and also here is a map showing where our (see my partner in crime, mozzy) booth is located in the alley<333 we have a really nice spot and are next to some crazy talented people! (the full list of booths is here if you wanna go look up the other amazing people!)

Aatc2014 by affectionateTea   Ab2014map by affectionateTea

and I have been madly doing new button designs as well as some prints and stuff! (more are posted on my tumblr, i'm way too lazy to cross post everything lmfao esp whEN I COULD BE SPENDING THAT TIME ARTING geez)

01 by affectionateTea  02 by affectionateTea   03 by affectionateTea  Pa1 by affectionateTea  Pa2 by affectionateTea 

so be sure to come visit and say hi if you're gonna be there! I'm also gonna work on getting my storenvy up as soon as the con is over, and i'll be selling leftover supplies there. so if anything doesn't sell out, it will be up for grabs. :>

in other news i started a second playthrough of Fire Emblem and regretted it immediately this game is sO AMAZING I JUST WANT TO PLAY IT FOREVER but yes that's what inspired my Marth print, and there will probably be more coming (guys if you ever want to talk to me about fire emblem please do nOT HESITATE TO TALK TO ME ABOUT FIRE EMBLEM i love talking. about that game;;;;;;; LIES DOWN IN A PILE OF EMOtiONS? ? ?) so yes what have you all been up to? who's going to AB???? who has a really great recipe they want to share idk anything at all really you guys have been so quiet lately

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YEP you can get it from sellfy for $3.50 if that is a thing that's of interest to anyone! it's about 50 pages, and i've only uploaded cell pics of two or three images in there, it's almost entirely new stuff, all traditional. Give it a look if you're interested. I'm thinking about maybe doing a digital one in the future, but we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile I'm gonna be mad busy as I frantically prepare for AB2014. My buddy mozzy and I are sharing a table in the AA (R23) so I have lots of work to do!! I'll upload a map showing where we are closer to the convention.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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i lied. there is no other fun stuff. i am a boring individual who has no life and does nothing, ever. :0 (i jest, i am an endless source of entertainment. i had p fun holidays and got to see my cousins and eat a preposterous amount of food!)

ANYHOW i set up a society6 store! with this here handy link, u can get free shipping until dec 8th. There's not much there yet, and I'm trying to work on a storenvy also so i can lower the prices a bit, but i have nooo idea when i'll finally have that set up... so ye. just thought i'd alert y'all. if you could promote my stuff, that'd be super rad. and if there is anything anyone would like to see go up there, be sure to let me know! or if you've got any question and stuff, feel free to ask. 

i've been pretty inactive lately, i seem to be in a kind of funk.... but i recently joined demonstuck voices as an artist, so look forward to their upcoming broadcast! everyone is mad talented and i'm so excited to get to draw scenes for them. :> i'll be starting on the 3rd cast, i think, once they get a couple more artists on the team (they're accepting applications currently, so y'all should give it a look! and listen to the pilot cause it's fantastic.) okay, i think that's all for now. time to go work on my daily writing practice - tea out.

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ireallylovetessasartokaY WHO ELSE IS A HANNA FAN? ??/ YELLING A LOT, THAT IS ME AND WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT NOW [insert spastic gargling]
this journal is mostly to clear the commission journal off my front page, that thing is a beast.

but yeah, commissions are a thing that are currently open! Gotta keep saving up for grad school. which may end up being animation or art-related, at this rate. who needs an actual income, anyway, amiright?

i'm off to beat the Elite Four and ignore all the things i should probably be doing. I hope everyone's doing well!
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Basic Rules for Standard Commissions

  • displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and medium of each individual piece
  • the artist will not handle depiction of illegal activities, sexually explicit (x-rated) materials, or hateful images. When it comes to non-explicit fetish, violence, blood, etc, work will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • the artist reserves the right to refuse service to any customer at their discretion, as well as the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, etc
  • the artist will provide email updates on commissions when necessary. Clients are encouraged to check in for updates, assurance, or reminders. Public updates may also be made via (


  • clear and concise text-based references for original characters must be provided by the client, and when possible, additional image references are preferred
  • adjustments of in-progress commissions are allowed at the Work-In-Progress stage, but significant changes or alterations to the WIP or completed image will cost additional fees depending on the extent of the changes


  • payment is currently accepted via paypal only
  • payment is in USD
  • for commissions up to and under $50, the artist will begin the commission only when the full payment has been received
  • the arist will accept half payment upfront and half upon completion for large commissions exceeding $50
  • refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis and cannot be offered for completed work


  • the artist retains ALL rights to finished artwork unless otherwise discussed prior to payment for the commission, including the right to make prints and merchandise
  • the artist retains the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal. If the commissioned work is a time-sensitive gift the artist may delay public showcase at the request of the client
  • the client retains all rights to their respective characters. This does not allow them the rights to the commissioned image
  • the client may not profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original painting or drawing (traditional media only). This includes the sale of the digital files, or rights to the image
  • the client cannot alter the artwork itself. The client may upload the artwork to their personal website or gallery, but credit is required, and it must not be any high resolution or unwatermarked version of the artwork
  • the artist may recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by the commissioner for other commissions or personal works

The client must read, understand, and agree to all the above terms before entering into an agreement with the artist. By sending payment, the client agrees to the above terms.

Contact email is psereniti [at] gmail [dot] com

No commercial use of the artist’s work is allowed without explicit written permission from the artist

I'm finally back from NYCC and AAC! I slept for like 12 hours or somethin' last night so i think i'm finally almost recovered, lmfao. AAC was so beyond amazing i can't even put it into words, everyone i talked to was sUPER NICE AND GREAT and i met so many fantastic people, holy wow. 1000/10, A++, will be in the alley again. Wow what a great con. I also got to draw a thign for J Michael Tatum and yell with people about Fire Emblem and RWBY and so many many great and fabulous things. I ALREADY CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR.

That being said, it's time to start preparing for AB!! Hopefully i can make it into the alley this time around and not mess up like the dunce I am. 8') Still frustrated w myself for not entering into the art contest, but oh well, there were some seriously superb entries. NEXT YEAR, FOR SURE.

Anyhow i am debating about streaming later today??? i have missed my tablet oodles and I want to draw things! Especially since my list of Things I Need To Draw® is like ten miles long, haha. So if i don't today, def look for one in the near future!! I announce em on tumblr, and (when I remember) on twitter and/or skype. SO YEAH PEACE OUT. And all the lovely people who sent me messages, sorry i'm taking a while to respond, but i will get there!
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man, i really liked the little symbols before deviants' names. 8( i miss them. on the other hand, i like some of the in-text symbols - external links and group symbols and jazz. that's actually useful. and the bolding looks nice. mentions are also super useful! so, some pros and some cons to updates, as per usual.


I will be attending NYCC the weekend of Oct 11 - 13, and have a table at AAC the following weekend, so I will be very inactive for most of October.

I've been frantically running around researching and getting prints made and working on merch and signage and updating my binder. so that's why radio silence, and i will continue to be pretty inactive for a while! but if you're going to either, you should totes shoot me a message or find me. I'd love to meet people! I'll try to get a map up when I figure out where I'm gonna be in the Alley.

On the other hand, I really reaLLY BADLY want to do some Halloween themed art, so suggestions are totally welcome if there's something you'd like to see (not gonna guarantee I'll do it, obvs, but ideas are always rad)
EDIT: all done! i'll probably be doing another one soon to work on more con stuff. I may not announce it here, but i'll try to on tumblr (i use the tag #tea and streaming) and twitter (kamikazzyy).

lmfao weird time, but i'm frantically workin on stuff for AAC, which I won't be uploading anywhere til after, so if u wanna see sUPER SPECIAL CON STUFF u should come by and talk to me and keep me workin, hehe.

it might be pretty quiet, it's like midafternoon so idk who's around. feel free to ask if you're curious about anything, and also suggest stuff for me to do!! (no homestuck tho, much as it pains me.)
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i started a group for musicstuck things because i am obsessed and there wasn't one and that was a travesty. MusicStuck it's still in the works but feel free to submit or suggest faves! or if anyone wants to help me run it i def would be open to that.

masterpost of HSWC stuff: go check it, all our main round entries and my bonus round fills are on there. i won't be posting anything else except maybe something for the collab round once voting is over, i am kinda wiped.

i may stream at some point? not this weekend 'cause ii'll be away, but... idk, some time. i've gotta start doing con prep for next month (I'll be attending NYCC, and then i'll have a table at AAC in NH, so if anyone's gonna be at either of those let me know!! i'd totes be down to meet up and stuff.) so ye gotta do some original things and maybe some for fandoms that i can actually sell fanart of, ah ha. ha.
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EDIT: WHOOPS short stream. i'll try to do another again soon.

haha sorry for new journal when i JUST did the other one but i'm streaming for a while!

come talk to me if you're around ouo
man it feel like i just finished a marathon, yo. But we turned in our collab entry for HSWC so it's pretty much over! Just doing some odd bonus fills during the voting period. i am constantly vacillating between SO TIRED I COULD SLEEP FOR A YEAR and NOW THAT I'M NOT WORKING ON A BIG PROJECT MY OPTIONS ARE OPEN, LET'S DRAW ALL THE THINGS. This link here is a list of all the fills I've done for HSWC so far, and I'll update it with any new ones I do, so if you want to see the ones I haven't uploaded here, that's the place to go. (no way am i uploading all of em, lmfao)

My team's collab entry is HERE and it's a visual novel! So feel free to download and play that if you'd like. It's pretty massive, with bonus content and multiple endings and junk, and it's what my team and I have spent most of the last month on.

Anyway, gonna start work on trades now! So if anyone else is interested feel free to drop me a comment/message/whathaveyou. It may take me a while, I've got to finish the ones currently lined up first, and also some giveaway prizes. But i've got a spot or two that I could open. I'm also probs gonna get a little more busy soon, if some things pan out. Hopefully. I've gotta prepare for a couple cons i'm going to in October as well, so. EXCITING STUFF. How has all y'all's summer been?