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witches love baseball too

“Psst, Mihashi! This is what your boss was looking for, right? Give it to him so you can come play ball with us!!"

so i've recently fallen in love with mundane magic / witch aus!!!

Mihashi works at Mihoshi Spellwork because it’s owned by his grandfather, but his talents are obviously being overlooked and he’s relegated to all the busywork and they don’t really bother teaching him anything – particularly when it involves spells that require multiple casters – because they don’t think he has any talent for it. His spells all seem far too weak to be effective.

Abe has no magical ability whatsoever but he’s great with numbers and he knows a lot about the effects and properties of plants/herbs, minerals, and ingredients, and has a knack for memorizing incantations. his mom takes Shun to Mihoshi one day because Nishiura didn’t have the necessary supplies to help him heal his baseball injury, and they all thought it was a lost cause until Mihashi caught them on the way out and handed them a salve he’d made himself for a similar baseball-related injury. After that Abe is determined to get Mihashi to come work at Nishiura instead, partly so that he can actually learn his craft (because he’s good he’s just not flashy and Abe is sick and tired of catching for his boss who is the actual worst according to Abe) but mostly so that he can play on their baseball team, because where I am concerned there will never be an AU where Abe and Mihashi are not obsessed with baseball.
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abe and mihashi are from oofuri (ookiku furikabutte). do yourself a favor: watch/read it
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