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watch me work

wow i have been hella neglecting dA, haha. although i haven't been drawing a ton lately, i was so friggin tired all day erry day. but i'm finally getting over the slump, so have an oc doodle i did last night at like. 1am. because i am an intelligent human bean. i been thinkin a lot about these nerds lately, and needed to get some art outta my system!! u can learn more about em here if you're interested.
devonte and sheol © me they are mine and belong to myself
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I found your work on :iconprojectcomment: group 
What a lovely idea! I find your choice to pixelate the background unusual. People usually do bokeh or something, so props for originality! The characters as a whole are illustrated pretty well.Their colors are so vivid! However, I think the blue guy's face is too much elongated, especially where the nose is. Also, it looks like you were almost done with the work when you finished the blue guy's pants, because it seems like you just lost patience and pulled a random line. I also see lack of shading on their clothing. You picked a light source coming from the right on most of the parts, but then the red guy's neck is shaded as if the light came from left, so you should fix that and add shading to the clothing on the left side. Hope I helped! Keep doing wonderful work <3
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oh yeah, i totally see what you mean, with the nose and the shading.
(and yep, i 100% got impatient towards the end, lmfao.)
 thanks for the super helpful crit!! i really appreciate it :D
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I come from the :iconprojectcomment: group

First off, I love the general atmosphere, haven't read the bio yet but judging on their interaction, I get they're quite the friendly pair. The color selection on each character is quite clever, specially the orange/ yellow guy.
I really like the facial features you use, different shapes of noses and ears and of course eyes. Great job

Although, I see you have a serious problem with anatomy. Seems to me you handle busts quite well, the arms and chest are proportional to the head's size (well, except for the orange guy's right arm which is larger than should be), and the way you drew the fingers is just great. But, when going down the chest, nothing makes sense. I think this has a quick solution. The orange character's left elbow (viewer's right) is correctly placed and has the ideal lenght, so take that as reference and draw the torso. Elbows go as far as the rib cage, and then you just have to draw the character's belly which is aprox. an extended hand long, then comes the hip and ta-da. The crotch goes at the bottom of the hips.

Hope my suggestion makes sense =)
Have a great day and draw a lot!
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oh yeah, you are totally right. flipping my drawing is also something i always forget to do and would proooobably be a good idea to help me catch stuff like this, haha. thanks so much for the guidelines, that is SUPER helpful and i will definitely try that for next time!! i really appreciate the specifics, and your suggestions make complete sense. :D thanks a ton!
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Thank you for sharing your art, your gallery is something else =D
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Very nice looking pair, I must say! : ) I like the use of color between them (obvious comment, no? XD ) and how it stays consistent within their particular color theme. I also like the choice of hairstyle - usually, warm, summer colors imply a flourishing, wild side of things, while Devonte has slicked back, sculpted hair. And Sheol, the same contraste applies - the cold, wintery color scheme usually implies a smoothed out look, swept over my winds and such... but he has a very raggedy, loose look to him. It's an excellent subversion of expectation, which is very nice and keeps the image (and the characters) from being just 'one in a million'. : 3
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oh man, you're totally right, i wasn't even thinking about the stereotypical traits for warm and cool palettes when i initially came up with their designs.... but that is a super interesting point. and it totally works for them! thanks for pointing it out :D
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