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did a self-portrait type thing of myself a while back for practice? and it didn't come out terrible.
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Wow, you made yourself look like a manga character AND realistic at the same time! :D (Big Grin) 
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hahaha, thanks!!
there's just something really appealing about the way the mange style simplifies lines and shapes that i will always be drawn to. i enjoy meshing it with other styles to create hybrids a lot :>
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I like that about manga strike as well! Human features (especially facial features) are simplified but not overly so; that way they're easier to draw, nicer to look at and still relatively realistic :)
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I'm really diggin' these colors. (And you look great too!)
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ahhh, thank you!!
doing this made me realize how awesome neon colors are and how badly i am missing out by not using them more, hehe.