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i can see us taking over the world

for the title i used lyrics from this song:
i have had this in my head p much since i first caught up w haikyuu, months and months ago?
finally got it out of my system, haha. and kicked my art slump in the nuts >8D
on tumblr:
do not repost my art
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Wow, this is so cool.
The dynamic poses and the crows in the background make the picture look alive.
Probably my favorite duo from Haikyuu! :D
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thank you!!
oh gosh SaME i have so many kagehina feelings it's pretty absurd. i have trouble picking faves tho cause they're just aLL SO PRECIOUS and kenhina comes as a giant really close second but so does like almost every other ship sO [sweats nervously]
obviously multishipping is the only answer
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No problem! :D

Haha, yeah, I'm the same. :XD: Everyone in Haikyuu is just too adorable.
I actually ship Hinata with Kageyama and with Yachi.
And I think Hinata and Kenma have a really cute relationship too.
So yeah, multishipping is our only salvation. :iconcryingrainbowsplz:
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I love the color shading. You anatomy look good. Your background make the character standout. maybe add some shadow from wrinkle more like sport anime. Their volleyball is the most important thing because it can make the line of vision from ball to your perfect anatomy and to the nice background. The ball is sign of hope and unity. if u add perspective for this picture it will be perfect work. Good luck. keep drawing with us because we can take over the world. XD
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thank you!
i guess the reason i didn't include the volleyball was because they're both hitting in different directions, so i would've had to have two...? and it felt odd, there was nowhere I could really put a volleyball that seemed to make sense compositionally. so i decided to focus on the characters and movement instead :I
i'll def do something in the future with the ball and a background to go with it!
(also sorry for the extremely late reply!!)
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Great concept and color scheme! I can almost feel the inspiration from the song in the picture, which is wonderful work on your part!!

Good job on anatomy and the action pose is good as well. The detailing in things such as the shoes and the hands are great too.

The only thing I could suggest, and this may be because it is supposed to be more of a sketch or style but the lines appear "restroked." Sort of like when you draw a line and you have to overlap them to make them either connect or look darker. It tends to make the edges, especially corners, look a little shaky or weird, especially with the golden stroke emphasizing it. Things you can do to create cleaner lines, should you want to achieve that ( :shrug: ), you can (1) use the pen tool. It can make nice smooth curves and lines using your brush of choice. (2) Stay zoomed out when making lines. You want to make longer clean swipes which is easier when the distance appears smaller to you rather than zooming in to see it all. It allows you to reduce having that shake from trying to make a super long line. (3) Loosen up first. Sometimes when you draw, you have to calibrate a computer. You also have to calibrate yourself. Have you ever noticed that when you draw for an extended period of time, you improve? You are getting used to how what you draw on the tablet or pen display or mouse correlates with the computer.

I hope this helps. It is an awesome piece!! Keep up the great work!!  Clap  Thanks for sharing!
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(oh my god this reply is so late iM SORRY)

yep, the lines are pretty rough cause i was trying a new brush and was actuall *too* zoomed out!! i didn't notice until it was almost done that they weren't as solid as i'd thought while i was working, haha. i went to go in and fix up small things and realized they were fuzzy. ;u; i def should've done some thumbnails and sketches to warm up before lining it as well. lining is for sure one of my weak points c':

thanks so much for the tips!! i really appreciate the feedback<3
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oh my gosh you're good a t wings ;w;
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ahh, thank you!!
i must have redrawn them like eighteen different times, lmfao.
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Awesome! The pose of both is great! I like how they move :)
The symbol (or bird I´m not sure what it is :() underlines perfect the move of both. You made it great
with the color combination. They harmonize well. I like your drawing style. It´s unique and not to conceptual Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1]

"Commented on behalf of ProjectComment!"
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thank you so much! i really appreciate the feedback, it's always so nice to know what worked well :love:
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You´re welcome:happybounce: 
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