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do u ever just

this was me 1000% after the rvb finale, and the last ep of Your Lie In April, and like the entire last half of the HxH anime, not to mention dragon age and mass effect (i've still only played ME1!!!) and about eight other things i've been doing lately and it's been vERY STRESSFUL OK
so sometimes i just. put everything away and do sth else for a while while i process.
because the box definitely doesn't stay closed forever
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Oh mah gawd, same! I haven't even finished watching Hunter x Hunter because I know whats going to happen (Thanks to the internet) and I don't want it to happen! Chisaki Crying Icon Bunny Girl Emoji-49 (Crying) [V3]  
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LAUGHs oh gosh i went into hxh cOMPLETELY BLIND because a bunch of people whose taste i trust were fans of it, and wHOA MAN. idk how far you are, but going from greed island (happy fun adventures!!!) into the chimera ant arc is like. HELLO, MAJOR EMOTIONAL WHIPLASH. not that they didn't build up to it, but yeah. at least you know what's coming, haha! you have a chance to steel yourself for the trauma :'D good luck, dude

(also, as traumatic as chimera ant is.... i actually really like the character development for both gon and killua?? it makes so much sense given their backgrounds and their growth over the series and it breaks some shonen stereotypes in a super satisfying way and i really appreciate it even though it murdered my emotions and i'm now a husk of the person i was, lmfao)
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*hugs you and is about to cry again* I like the characters' development too~ Gon and Killua looked sooo hawt! Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1]