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i promised my friend i would do an inquisitor tarot for her a year ago, and finally delivered!! merr chrismiz.
we had a long chat about some different cards and designs, and i did the one from the start of her journey, the really sad and upsetting one! because i'm a great friend, yes i am, and i love causing others pain.
perhaps someday i'll get a series done for both our inquisitors.
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I really like the colour palette here. The greens, golds and blacks harmonise perfectly with each other. The design of her outfit is very nice, too, I especially like the use of patterns on her vest and trousers. The design of the crown looks good, too - simple but effective. You also did a good job on the folds of the cloth in the background. I also like the use of the golden geometric shapes in the background, they make it look more interesting.
One thing you probably could improve on are shadows and highlights, I can't really tell where the light comes from.
But overall it's a really nice artwork with a great choice of colours.
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i definitely got distracted during the rendering stage and kept changing my mind with the lighting, you are absolutely right! thanks for pointing that out, I'll have to plan it better next time. and thanks in general for this entire comment, you mentioned a lot of things i was unsure on so i'm glad they seem to have ended up working out, haha. :D
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Nicely designed outfit.
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Hi! This is on behalf of ProjectComment

This is quite simply a very successful painting. I think the palette is on point, there's attention to detail, form, and texture, and overall it just shows good taste and fair grasp of the fundamentals. I love the thigh area in particular, the skirt and leg garment texture are great and definitely show the volume of the thighs.

I don't think I can see much wrong with it, but it's better to attribute that to my inexperience. Looking closely, I think the deltoid muscle is in general more protruding, and it seems that it's too low on the right arm and completely absent in the left arm. The only other thing I can think off is that mayb you'd like to have some more high lights/dark contrast areas in some parts, but overall, the more mute nature of the painting also works.

Great job, I really have nothing else to say other than kudos. 
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oh wow yeah you're right about the arms. thanks for pointing it out!

ahhh and thank you! i often tend to push my lights are darks too far, so i tried to pull back a little on purpose for this one since i was going for more of a painted look, but i think i still have to find some sort of happy middle ground between too muted and over-contast-y. i will keep working on that! your feedback is definitely super helpful.
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You're very welcome, I'm very glad you found this to be helpful!

I'm definitely interested in seeing more of your cool stuff in the future so keep it up!
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