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FESS 2015 for onewingart

the forecast is heavy snow

A very happy holidays to OneWingArt! hope you're cool with kiddos and modern AU? i really wanted to draw them about to have a snowball fight :'D

Lucina and Gerome were trying to discuss a class project, but unlucky for them, Inigo got bored.
Lucina was the first victim, but her retaliation was swift and merciless, and she ended up recruiting Gerome.
Inigo never stood a chance. rip, Inigo
(they all got hot cocoa afterwards, and there may or may not have been a blanket fort and cuddle pile involved)

for fireemblem-club
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Aww cool, I never expected a modern AU but I like it a lot! (Especially liking Inigo's grin... so in character, hehe.)

Thank you very much Huggle! 
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you're welcome!
i mostly wanted to draw them about to have a snowball fight and had trouble picturing them taking time off in the middle of a war, haha. i suppose i could've set it post-game but then i couldn't have drawn them in cute fluffy coats!
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Considering all the other silly stuff the Awakening characters do in their supports during the war, a snowball fight wouldn't be that surprising, hehe. But you're right - Fluffy coats ftw!
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hahaha, a very valid point. sometimes my brain fights me on strange things, eh heh
and i *really* wanted to draw the fluffy coats =u=
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Aw wow! This is amazing, I really love your art style! Very unique! :)

Hope I'm not bothering you, but my name is Shauna. I am an Irish YouTuber and I was wondering if you could check out my channel and subscribe if you enjoyed? Just search for 'blueivysaur' on there, I'm the girl with the blue hair.

It would mean a lot to me if you could, as you're also an artist you'll know what it's like in this world. it's good if we can share our art together. <3

Nice to meet you none the less, shall be following your fantastic art now! :heart::nod: