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FE SS 2017 - mini snow trade


i don't think i've drawn nino + jaffar like, ever??? and that is so heinously unacceptable bc i love them with my entire black FE garbage heart, so like. yeah. JAFFAR AND NINO MINI SNOWCLONE BUILDING FUNTIMES!!! they each made a little miniature version of each other and jaffar is going to die bc nino loves hers and won't put it down and pretends to set aside part of her rations for it and if anyone so much as disturbs a single snowflake on his mini snow jaffarman that nino made for him he will literally cut them (to death) because his precious angel made it for him

but like ten minutes later nino throws a teeny tiny snowball at snow jaffar and holds up snow nino and whistles innocently and then it is ON and everyone gets involved in a massive miniature snowball war between Queen Snow Nino and Bandit Snow Jaffar that ends up with multiple ice related injuries on both sides, but also gallons of hot cocoa so basically a fair and even trade

anyhow HAPPY HOLIDAYS Miyukitty i hope your day is going swell and you got some cool loot and maybe some good Heroes pulls??? may the rng gods b on your side🎉🎊✨

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this is just so cute and happy and makes me so happy and the description you wrote made me smile so big too and ahhhhhh I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH :iconasdfghplz: forever and always~~

THANK YOU AGAIN, i hollered on twits but i'm hollering all over again I HOPE THE RNG GODS ARE ON YOUR SIDE AS WELL get those good new years pulls!!
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your hollering gives me so much life💖💕❤ I'M SO GLAD U LIKE IT i love nino + jaffar a lot so i saw your request and was just like /cracks knuckles my jam