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Commission Info

Sketch: $15

or two characters for $25

Lines: $25

or two characters for $35

Full Color: $40

or two characters for $60.

Base prices are all for a single character. I can also do illustrations with backgrounds, but the price ranges based on complexity -- send me an email with what you'd like and i can give you a quote!
I thought it was about time i uploaded some new commission info! The old page was a little outdated. :')

more examples can be found in my gallery or on my tumblr. I can also do Dragon Age tarot cards, godtier selfie commissions (example can be found on tumblr here), or other things from my gallery, just ask!

Send me an email with the info in the guidelines below, at which point I’ll give you a price quote and send you an invoice. After the payment has gone through (I only accept PayPal at this time) I’ll start your commission!

Please note that by sending payment, you agree to my terms of service, so make sure you've read through it!

Commission Guidelines

email me this info with “commission” somewhere in the subject line:

  • reference (either images or a detailed description) 
  • what type of commission (sketch, lines, full color, etc)
  • specific details (number of characters, waist-up or fullbody, outfit or pose — and anything else you want included)
  • optional: theme/mood (not required, but otherwise this is at my discretion and you get what you get!)
  • do you want to see a WIP?
  • anything else?

For more examples, browse my tumblr art tag or peruse my gallery. Please feel free to send me a note if you have any questions!


Q. What if I want something that isn’t listed?

A. The examples are just a guideline! i’m always trying new things and changing it up because i love experimenting, so weird/different requests are a-okay. Bring it, i love me a challenge.

Q. Do you do Anthro/Furry art?

A. Sure! I haven’t had as much practice with non-humans, but i will do my best.

Q. I don’t have a reference image, just a description… is that enough?

A. i enjoy working from detailed written descriptions, too — doesn’t have to be a visual ref. So go for it! As long as I can get a good idea of the character or subject.

Q. It’s been a while and I haven’t heard anything — what do I do?

A. Email me! I’m generally pretty quick to respond, so if it’s been a while, I probably missed your email or it got junked or something. I’m more than happy to give status updates if you’d like them, as well!

Q. What’s on your Things I Won’t Do list?

A. I may not be up for intense guro/vore/violence, and i’m not a big fan of dub-con or non-con… but I’m pretty flexible and willing to try just about anything. Ask! If I don’t think I can do it, I will say so. Mild NSFW is okay, but i won’t do anything super explicit.

Q. I don’t agree with your prices.

A. There’s nothing I can do about that. I charge what I charge, and it’s not really up for debate. Prices are based on my own research and estimation of my abilities, and what I’m comfortable with — you may not agree, and that’s fine. But please don’t complain to me about it, they’re not going to change until I decide they need to be updated.

email: psereniti [at] gmail [dot] com
all artwork by me
see also: my tumblr or my portfolio at carbonmade

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i don't found your prices :-?
affectionateTea's avatar
oh my gosh you're right i forgot to list them here. there's a bit more info on my tumblr… but i will go add them in here as well!! thank you for telling me :')
Jolsma's avatar
Ahah no problem and thank you :D !
bowbreaker's avatar
ayy davekat B^) my babes
affectionateTea's avatar
ehehe, i didn't know you were a homestuck!! i multiship like a fiend (soooo many ships, hoo boy), but my faves tend to be either johnkat or davekat. (or... johndavekat ehehehehehe) but i haven't been super into homestuck lately! i should draw some jades for old times' sake....
bowbreaker's avatar
a closet homestuck ahaha
saaame tbh ......i'm not faithful to my ships ahahaha ship them all
during that massive hiatus thing ages ago i kinda drifted from it :iconrazycryplz: but i read the recent bits with dave and dirk because.........i love dave
my b :'D

but omg yes you totally should *o* she'd look fab in your style

i have all these old headcanons of body types/skin tones of all the kids
i'm kinda sad I never did fanart when I was proper into it but yH 
nostalgia doodles
affectionateTea's avatar
oh man i totally understand on the closet fan thing :''''D i've def been distancing myself a bit. it's such a huge fandom, and we're getting more and more youngin's that are.... young. and haven't quite figured out how to be decent humans on the internet yet, lmfao. but i've made some really excellent friends through it, so it'll always be special to me and i have very fond memories *u*

yooOOOO race headcanons are the best!! i've found the hs fandom to be mostly good about that kind of stuff? you'll get your wankers, for sure, but i've never gotten any backlash for it or anything. i always really liked the Filipino headcanons I saw for Jake and Jade! and I've seen a bunch of black Daves probably mostly due to ... and now ofc i can't find much art of it anywhere wOW dA likes white dave (BUT LOOK AT THESE DAVE SHIMEJI I FOUND that's the basic design i was talkin about, at least) i first saw that dave during one of the summer world cup events, i think. they didn't have it this year, i was so sad :/

hehe, jade is usually my go-to when i feel like doodlin the homestucks. i just love her grimbark and godtier designs *u* also jade + solarpunk au? hell yesssssss
bowbreaker's avatar
yhh like one of my best friends rn is probably indirectly due to homestuck TToTT the homestuck phase was a good time. makes me feel nostalgic sometimes ahaha

and omg yes!! there's this artist in particular that i remember on tumblr (cant recall the username) but they had such good multiracial art and doodles all the time it was 10/10
one time there was drama when someone was like oh why are none of them white blah blah stop making characters black/asian/whatever when theyre not rly annoying tbh :/ even if the kids were canonically white, drawing them as poc has no harm whatsoever a great way to weed out racist followers though lol
I love love filipino jake and jade <33 black jade too tbh *heart eye emoji* also jade has killer thighs and nothing can convince me otherwise
I like to think john has some asian in him too - maybe korean

i've been seeing more of black dave these days which is fab *o* ngl he looks so cute omg those shimejis :'D
 i like the pasty skinny white kid lol and the black dave (the HaIR omg B^))

grimbark is so :heart::heart: i can't believe i havent done the obligatory jade in her 3am dress art yet
solarpunk au??? tell me more
btw is that mako in your icon 
affectionateTea's avatar
technically, Hussie intended the characters to be a "blank slate" racially, I think? Which is absolutely not the way to handle that kind of thing, but at least the "they're canonically white!!!" excuses are kind of bs. people overwhelmingly defaulted to white headcanons, which i understand even tho it sucks, but technically it's not actually canon. At least, i think that was Hussie's goal? A+ for intentions, low C for execution. he seems to have learned from it tho, so that's something, and the discussion that's come out of it has been worth it, i think. altho the way whatpumpkin handled the tarot cards, with the overwhelming portrayals of the kids as white, and then not doing anything about it when people complained, was. v not good. but they're trying i guess??

omg Jade with killer thighs. yes. all of the yes. and asian john!!! i've def seen asian john before and i completely approve 100% but pasty white dave just suits him so? well???? i can't help seeing him that way sometimes eh heh. but i do love me some variety, and it's rad that there are more versions of him now. OH WOW YOU SHOULD DEF DO 3AM JADE!! jade + space, actual otp forever. or jade + science? but space IS part of science. so both? both.

you haven't seen any solarpunk discussion??? oh man, it's been gaining a little momentum i must link you to stuff!!! bc i can't explain it as well as the posts i've seen haha (sry im primarily on tumblr these days so all this will be from there)……
OHH i just found that the op in that first link has a whole tag!!…
and a silly jadekat thing i drew for my friend a while ago
BUT YEAH that's basically solarpunk!! such a nice aesthetic. and i love the like, Second Wave of Solarpunk that's less utopian and a lil more utilitarian, like What This Would Actually Look Like and problems that might arise with a little more gritty/dirty hands mixed in while still maintaining the eco-friendly base, and, yeah. just. good things

omg how did this post get so long i def talk too much wow. AND YEAH THAT IS TOTALLY MAKO MORI i've been on a pacrim kick lately cause i'm working with a group to do a set of pacrim themed tarot cards???? you should totally give it a look, the kickstarter should be going up soon: SHAMLESS PLUG also like. please don't feel like you gotta read everything i've linked obviously, i'm just throwing stuff at you all willy nilly 'cause i think it's cool :')
bowbreaker's avatar
yh truee they can be whatever you want them to be
even i defaulted to white headcanons at first even though i'm chinese :'D i didn't even think of the possibility that they could be non white until i saw art of it shame on me
yeah totally
i mean idk much about the tarot cards (i didnt know it was a thing what :O!! omg) but i guess after theyve published them it's kinda hard to go over and change them :S takes money and time

yees ikr :'D dave as some pale white kid is 10/10 ahaha :heart: it stuck with me
ohh i just remembered i saw this really cool art the other day of davesprite w/ armour and his sword sheath thing was in his chest it was !! ahh
asian john with strong arms (y) that hammer needs some hench arms to lift it methinks :'D
3am jade is so pretty omg drawing it would be so fun
so many composition possibilities and the colours *o* be still my beating heart lol

no :(((( i dont really use my tumblr anymore (mostly for reblogging reference/insp stuff now) so i'm late to all these parties ahahaa it took up too much time oOPs it was like my number 1 procrastination source
but yees omg solarpunk suits her so well !! it has jade written all over it
theres jade + space but there's also jade + nature which is A***

lol u drew karkat so cute and grumpy AW his face  ahhh i followed u (im armourslayer @ tumblr) your watercolours are so lovely :love:

it's finE dw ahaha i clicked them all im a man on a mission
thats so cool holy crap *o* group projects sound so awesome 
i love the whole drift concept it's fun to play around with
affectionateTea's avatar
oh totally, back when i first started reading in.... i think 2010 or 2011 i defaulted that way, too. and i think even more of the fanart lacked diversity. but it's nice to see more variety now! i put a conscious effort into trying to undo all that learned stuff, and i think that's the important bit, honestly.

i have seen sO many cool fanon knight designs!!! and godtier designs in general. the fandom is so big, and there's sooooo much talent in it oh mang

oh god yea tumblr is sUCH a time sink it's awful, lmfao. and apparently they're putting out another terrible update today :'''') but i've found some cool blogs to follow, and i like the variety of content that shows up on my dash? i really enjoy the mix of like. pretty pictures + fandom meta + fic + some politics and sj discussion, and stuff. i should def limit how much time i spend there tho it's sO DANGEROUS AUGH

oh gosh yea drift compatibility / pale romance is my JAM !!!!!! it's my actual favorite thing in the world i'm so glad they e x i s t *screeches from the rooftops*
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