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Black Gold gerl Body-art

By Afemera
Body-art by me
Photo by le-miracle :iconle-miracle:
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© 2015 - 2021 Afemera
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This is beautiful! 
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hola, ¿cómo compro más fotos de esta sesión? 
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This is a very nice piece!
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Amazing !!
Great work
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WOW this is perfect.  Love the gold against the matte black skin
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A very nice crèation Clap 
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It's beautiful!
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awesome work its beautifulChibi Mettaton Emoticon 
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I can't think of any other word than; compelling. I could look at this for a long time, it's really beautiful. Okay I guess I came up with two words. :)
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WOW absolutely captivating!!!!
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Woow this is breathtakingly beautiful. I mean, the contrasts and dat glow O.O
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I love the contrast of the very mat black skin and the clear blue eyes. The gold with the lighting looks superb.

I notice that there are some negative comments - ignore them.  Some people just see problems everywhere they look.  Maybe you should take a black model next and paint her white and silver - would that address the balance or just upset even more people?
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I must say, I do agree with animekitty1091 in that the first thing that I thought was "black face". I'm sure your intentions were positive, however, I would also agree with her in asking the question of "why not use a black model?" The artwork itself is stunning, but I feel like it also suggests a preference of white features over black features, even though its subject is supposed to have "black" characteristics such as the "Black Gold" title and the painting of the skin. It would just make more sense and even make the theme have more depth and send a more positive message. I'm all for creating what you want, trust me, but its good to exercise some caution when handling certain themes such as this. 
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You *do* realize that "black face" is an America-specific phenomena? Literally, it only surfaced from Minstrelsy in the United States back in the early ~1900's. That's it. So Russia has absolutely no ties with "black face" at all; unless they painted a white person black in order to *mock a black person* (exactly what Minstrelsy did), then there is absolutely no problem with painting white people black in Russia (or literally anywhere but the US).

To view "black face" as universal is a very US-centric and ignorant view. Unfortunately, it is also a dominant view...
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