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Scandal Knockout Sketch

Scandal Savage and Knockout from the Secret Six. This is the colored version of the sketch that was up for a while. For :iconjustmyimagination:

Fun Fact: Secret Six is one of our favorite titles to read and we need to do more fanart of these beloved characters! :D
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I watch Suicide Squad: Hell to Play last night, and not to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I felt bad for Scandal Savage. :(

Plus, I was surprised to see nudity in a DC New 52 movie for the first time, full blown nudity, nipple and all.
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This goes to all women in general, and to most men who think otherwise.

See these women, they're beautiful yeah, wish you could love them? Well let me tell you something, why bother liking beautiful women for they're looks?! I used to be one of those men who get bummed finding that a girl so attractive in appearance is in fact a lesbian...but at least she has a love her self.

There's more to a woman than her looks and sexuality, they can be friendly, they can be smart and strong, and compassionate even for men. My sister's friend, now a friend myself is a lesbian and I care not for her looks, only her actions and happiness.

So let these women be happy and love as well.
with those claws i thought that was x-23 but nice work
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I love this couple! They were made for each other!
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You definitely captured the tenderness of their relationship. Gorgeous.
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You have been featured here: [link] :)
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I don't see enough fanart of these two!
Awesome pic!
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Beautyfull just totally beautyfull.
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And now that I finally have internet again I can say THANK YOU! I was stoked beyond words when this turned up in the mail, and it's currently hanging up on my wall for constant admiration. Excellent, excellent job.
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OMG IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite couple of all time is Scandal & Knockout!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!
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Thank you very much, we adore them as well.
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I love the artwork of this picture! Plus the pse captures their love perfectly!
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Fantastic! =D I love the shading and muscle tones brought to life here! They need to bring them back together! One hopes Scandal will find her in the near future :P
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The current Secret Six arc is dealing with hell. :)
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Yes, I know. After Ragdoll snatched the card from Scandal. I wonder what that's going to mean for Scandal's current gal that's been kidnapped? Poor thing :/
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You keep drawing all the things that I love.

They look *beautiful*.
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oh ... excellent!
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Man that is beautiful. I love it.
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