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If y'all are reading this journal, is because I haven't been on deviantART for long. Even if I mostly go to Tumblr now, I was focusing more on my tests and school projects, but mostly on the final project which is... the movie I mentioned here.

I still draw as usual, but i haven't post most of them... And I see that there are people who might enjoy my artworks i made years ago, including the Forky "complation" and other Object OC... even if I am not into objects anymore, i still like Inanimate Insanity, and I still like the character you all create. I also created lately another object character. 

But this is not what I want to talk about...

What I want to talk about are the old projects and the new that I'm planning to show to all of you. 

There will be a reboot too, which will be my main focus.

That reboot is the reboot of "Ask Woody and Robyn Woodpecker"

I thought that a cartoon character having a side kick is not really a good idea. I prefer having a blog whose main character should be Woody, but i also wanted to show and introduce to the blog other characters that also have been in the same "background" as him, as secondary character, like Winnie or Buzz Buzzard. And for not loosing the balance, i will also add Robyn. So this blog, will now pass as "Ask Woody & Friends"
It's still in progress.

I will also still working for the comic "CHECAGO"
But The character will not be the same as you think. They are the same characters but, they are personalities mostly "changed". But they did not change to bad... I still keep the old personality they had to fit in. Otherwhise I gave a new clothing design for them. And I guess you will like it.


Which is the movie.... Well my project will be based on the classic greek myth of the man that killed a Minotaur, a mythological creature with a head of a bull and the body of a human being. But in this version, this man... Is not what you think... Of course both their name is "Theseus", but my character is way the opposite. Also, the time and place, instead of Ancient Greek, is Philadelphia in 2016. It's a crazy idea, right? The name of the movie is "THESEUS: the mysterious maze" However, After the movie, which will probably be a trailer in animatic, Maybe I could still use the script and the storyboard i made to it, and instead doing a mini-series... It's just an idea. 

But there are still other project that was cancelled for reasons, some are way hard that i can't tell...

Welp, that's all I have to say.... Thank you for reading

And stay cool.... 
Yes, I see what happened, maybe you thought that I was dead or I just left my account and maybe that's why you don't usually go to that account anymore! (Sorry for those who doesn't think that)

But the truth is that I am now on 10th grade and went to a new school while studying at the class of Animation 2D and 3D, and so, I become more busy because of homework, tests, exercises, etc. But I am still drawing, and, I even almost wasted so many paper packages (and i've got a new one), and also i've got two graphic diaries to draw and draw anything.

 But the best thing that I've got on 10th grade is:

- Doing Character References sheets
I really love doing Character References sheets and even I draw and create even more characters!!

- Doing Storyboards and Flip Books or Thraumatropes and more... Specially Storyboards
Since that I am a comic book fan, and also of storyboards, I understand that Storyboards are like Comic books but different. I have done so many pages of storyboards! Only the hard thing of it is knowing the angles and camera rotations. I also has done a Thraumatrope with a pic of a favourite shipping of mine! And Now I'm doing a Festive Flip Book for our class entry for a contest. 

- Learning to use Flash, Illustrator and After Effects
And also Photoshop, even If I still use Photoshop for drawings, I should learn all the techniques of this program. But My favourite of them all is Flash, of course!!! Now I see how Digital Animation is FUN! I also bring my drawing table to almost every Flash classes.
After Effects is cool too, even a bit hard

- Doing Traditional Animation Tests
Now That's my favorite part. Not Also got interested in Flash, but mostly interested in Traditional Animation: The old technique for animation right before digital one. And even if we have to take more than 3 leaves of paper to draw, It's amazing how it moves after a few shoots on every frames. I am also doing one with Lip Sync!

All these things. But Still I forgot some things that I have on my old plan. But Still I listed all of the things to do and also I added new ones!

- Finish all the Art Trades Seriously! I am very sorry for all the people who have been waiting for my trade! I am also going to work on it! Sweating a little... 

-Work on the two blogs: Ask Woody and Robyn and Ask Anita Monochromium Yeah! Those are one of those things I have to do! I Also have to update the Woodpecker blog one, since that my style is changing a bit, but never loose the old style i like to draw! And also doing the answer of Anita for one question which is very interesting and funny to read. 

- Create a Main Art Blog
I always thought that on my personal blog, people of Tumblr could see my artwork... Unfortunately  they rarely don't notice them. Is not like i want attention or being popular but, I also don't want to be ignored either. But then I thought that one only blog with all my drawings and sketches could work. 

-Work on the webcomic "CHECAGO" whose name was formely "The Big Deal"
I still have the episode plots on my head and many new characters too. But I still didn't draw them yet! Now I am also working on the main characters: Theodore, Phil, Richard and Jonathan! And I changed a bit their personality but not totally! I also added a new design for Ted (Theodore) and also drew Andy (another character from the comic). I am still thinking about some details, but still,...

and so many... I also have got new things to tell ya all

There will be a new Object "ask blog" thing on dA just to replace the "Ask the Allied Powers" and that ask blog will be about a group of friends that exists IRL: This group is me and my friends from the new school! I have a lot of fun with them, I also share almost the same interests with them. They loved the Idea of creating the Object ask box of us but in Object Style! And I hope that you will enjoy them too!

I will going to do an animated movie really soon
I almost have the characters references and almost create new ones... But I won't do that quickly so lets see how it will work...

I may probably write a Steven universe shipping fanfic
And the name will probably be "moonstone", whose main shipping is Pearlapis (Pearl x Lapis Lazuli). Well, before i fell in love with this pairing, i was used to like Lapidot, and i still like it... But few days then, I got my interest on two of my favourite gems: Pearl and Lapis, and then I thought on what if they could be together as a ship. After seeing many fanart, I became a fan of the ship. I also made a fan-fusion of both gems whose name is also "Moonstone".

Well That is all I want say to you! Thank you for listening to me, and also stay tuned for more artwork and news of myself. Keep Cool!

~Aurora Fernandes (AF20cartoons)


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Aurora Fernandes
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Like a cool dork with a happy-sad face, I'm that 16 years old gurl that can be OUT OF THIS WORLD. I like cartoons, anime, films, comics and drawings. Recently studying Animation 2D/3D


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