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By AF-studios
Hello everyone,

This is a quick entry to let everyone know that, during my absence and lack of response (my fault ENTIRELY! And i take full responsibility) The purpose of this post is not to justify my past actions but to shed light on following; In short, I have learned, after finally gaining mental strength to face everything, that over the past few years there has been a rather large number of accounts all over the web using either my name, my past work, or other personal info, to either sell my work or bring me "down" even further.I sadly have chosen the easy way out of entire mess that happened over 3 years ago and decided to focus on my health and personal situation and have only found about this recently. I am no longer, and have not been for a long time, publishing art of any kind, personal or commercial. The fake accounts (that i have found on fb, twitter, instagram etc) have been reported and most of them taken down, tho proving things like this via support tickets can be difficult. People were using my real life "selfies", all of which were also taken years ago and easily found online, to prove "identity". I also have learned that some innocent people have been attacked simply because they had similar style like I did.

IN ORDER TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN the only way I could think of is this;

From now on, the only way to be certain you are talking to me is via e-mail below. If you find "me" anywhere else and I do not ask to continue our conversation using the e-mail below, you are talking to a fake account.

I am currently in process of contacting all my old clients (and every ex client reading this please e-mail as well! I no longer have access to my old email address that was linked to the domain/hosting.) and would like to ask anyone that is not personally affected by all this to be patient because I first need to handle people who were directly involved in all of this and will email everyone one by one with honest explanation and refunds. Again, due to personal reasons and situation I do not plan on going back to digital art as a professional and the above was just too important to not write about.

I do not expect or ask for your support but I would like to thank you for reading this and once again, I am not doing this to continue with photomanipulation, I am doing this to prove that people can make mistakes and even tho I am hella late fixing them, and there is no excuse no matter my age, problems, situation etc., im here and i am doing what i can right here and now.

And once again;

Thank you,

Update 4/26/2016;
-Trying to send as many e-mails as I can and so far managed to resolve several issues. Again, anyone affected please e-mail me on the address provided above.
-E-mailed bigcartel support in order to help determine who and when opened the store (now closed) that sold my copyrighted work under my name (initials).
Update regarding bigcartel: After several e-mails with their support, the store I was "accused" of opening and then closing (, seem to have never even existed. Here is the screenshot of the e-mail with their support ->
© 2016 - 2021 AF-studios
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I just found this account :)  Its sadden that you have to make life changes because of others :( I do wish you well and good luck on your future endeavors :)  I intend to add you to my :+devwatch: :)  Your work is absolutely beautiful :)  I hope you will never stop :)
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Thank you so much for your support and kind words Edward! :hug: It might take some time before I am ready to release anything new but comments like these are definitely an inspiration. So thank you again :heart:
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For me you are already forgiven, and hope you come back to make new manipulations soon. As you said, we all make the mistakes, we just have to learn to fix them. You can not stop! :heart: :heart:
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Thank you kindly for your supporting words! They truly mean a lot :heart :heart: :love:
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Welcome dear, and never give up on what you love doing. Hug

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You have beautiful art, it would be a shame for you to quit.

Are you still selling the textures…
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Thank you very much for your kind comment. :heart:

That texture pack was offered long time ago. If I do locate it I will send it your way! :)
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It is sad to know that you won't deal with digital art anymore, but still I am a fan of your creativity and I hope you will resolve all problems and may be one day we shall witness new masterpieces of yours :heart: Take care and good luck :heart:
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Thank you kindly Anna! I do hope the problems can be resolved soon and maybe, maybe I will eventually come back as a simple hobbyist! :heart: Take care! :hug:
Ieris-Aizer's avatar
I wish you good luck :heart: Looking forward to your come back :rose: 
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Thank you again! :hug:
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Welcome back Ana! :heart: I don't think you should give up on your art. :no:
Everyone makes mistakes, and while I am not familiar with yours, I can say
that it couldn't have been anything bad enough for people to expect you to
quit creating. I hope you'll reconsider. :tighthug:
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Thank you kindly for you comment. <3  While it is a long story I made some mistakes, a lot of them to be perfectly honest, and during my absence and my inability to face everything, some fake accounts kept emerging, usually using my name or at least my initials and being rude or spamming social networks. 
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