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state of mind

Again one of those experiments ^_^
I tried to practice here with lighting again,and the mix of colors,I hope it turned out ok. Hair was also done a bit differently then usual,just trying some new techniques.

"She hides her face behind a white mask
Expressionless features hiding the
True feelings she feels within.
She feels hollow, lost in a world
Where no one notices her,
Where no one will even glance her way,
A world that has abandoned her.
Stumbling along the cobbled streets
Dry blood plastered on her feet
From the painful blisters,
Her hair covering her dignity
As she walks through the streets naked
Hiding her face behind a white mask
Hiding her face from the world"

Poem inspired by my work,beautifully written by ~Tuttlebird

Model is *Sinned-angel-stock , originals can be found here - [link] , [link] , [link] .

Thank you for your support,hope you all like it.
Happy Saturday :w00t:
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This is going to be much less like a critique and much more like blatant praise, considering the quality of this piece.

To begin, the first thing that struck me was the lighting. I love the dual lighting, which you portrayed with practically flawless technique! The fact that these two separate lights are coming from opposite directions, indicates to me that this girl is going through an inner struggle, fighting her demons, so to speak.

The concept of the piece seems quite clear to me, while at the same time is open to interpretation. The white light and the girl on the left represent to me her "good" side, struggling to overcome the demonic side that threatens to overtake her on the right.

Something small that I noticed after examining this artwork a second time is the white whips near the bottom left. The seem to me to be slightly hurried - maybe a little more blending would be in order. The white light from the top left also seems to me to be quite bright - brighter then it's contrasting light source. I'm not sure, maybe this was the intention.

Overall, a marvelous piece, and one of my faves from you!

Keep it up,

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