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little red riding hood

By AF-studios
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Little Red Riding Hood in vamp-vigilante-something style.
Hope you enjoy, its good to be back :heart:

Limited edition prints available

Photographer: Scott Watson
Background: ~Dragoroth-stock
Everything rest personal or painted.

[c] Ana Fagarazzi | Af-Studios
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© 2012 - 2021 AF-studios
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Love the way the wind is blowing her dress, nice job Anna. Can I please use this for a non-profit/no-ad YouTube/Vimeo Slideshow project I'm working on? Please check out my Profile for a sample. (You may have to tick Journal Entries if it's buried).

I sent you a Note too but it may have ended up in your Spam. Please let me know, thanks!
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Wow, looks awesome!!
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wow, amazing atmosphere
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You have been featured here [link] :heart::hug:
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GOOD ...Really Great ..
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really great .... congratulations stunning gallery
Great color contrast, great idea!!!
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I featured your work in my journal! [link]
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I featured your work in my journal! [link]
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great atmosphere and color contrast - this must have been a lot of setup as well as post-production work
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great! but why does she have a needle?
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Is it real?...Looks so REALISTIC!
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