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Fun experiment with a bit of glowy light and (my usual) dark atmosphere. I hope you will like it.

"Since "Lucifer" (along with other names like Morningstar, Light-bringer, etc.) is nothing but a reference to planet Venus (brightest star in the morning before the Sun) it would make sense for Lucifer to be represented by a woman, since Venus has been associated with female attributes from antiquity. The unfortunate Satanic connotations of the name Lucifer are the result of medieval anti-paganism efforts. "
Thank you for ~shoyket for clearing the meaning behind the title perfectly.


*All resources used are mine.

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very nice♪(*゚ 3゚)/
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do you have some sort of a tutorial channel or something? I would love to pick your brains!
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daphuq?  that's not why Lucifer has that name at all.  Lucifer is called that because they were originally the highest and goodest of all the angels.
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amazing artwork :) wish i had that type of talent :)
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This is wonderful. I really like the "dark" mood.
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This is beautiful , great work
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It's not like Satan is all that bad anyway. I'd fight that bigoted God too.
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It goes further than that. Even 'Satan' itself was originally associated with the Angel of Judgment who tempts mankind under God's orders. Judeo-Christinaity. is far more convulsed than most think.

And then there's Beelzebub, Samael, Mepistopheles, Baal, etc...Are they different demons, o the same guy? It's so damn confusing.
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Awsome work.i love it
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great art, congratulations...
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I thought the satanic connotations were from the bible?
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I love the background
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beautiful shifts in tone
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Thanks for the culture. Loved the cloths, by the way.
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Love this one also.. Dark, sexy and just awesome. ;)
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