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Desktop. Nakomis by Strype by Af-Mas Desktop. Nakomis by Strype :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 5 0 A Bad cough by Af-Mas A Bad cough :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 5
Question WIP
“You don’t remember me…You will. I’m waiting for you. You left, and I didn’t want you to leave. You hurt me and I’m sad. I loved you…Can’t you see what I’ve done for you? I’ll be waiting…At the hedge where the sweet red berries grow…I won’t let you leave me again…”
I snapped awake, lying in my bed, cold sweat running dripping down my face. It was that dream again, that voice. I don’t remember seeing anything in the dream, just this young girl’s voice, saying something like that. I’ve been having it for god knows how long. I can’t remember when it started. It seems like it’s always been there. Every morning I wake up, and I hear those words. “At the hedge where the sweet red berries grow”. I just wish I knew what it meant.
I sat up in bed and wiped my face off. The moonlight coming through the crack between the shades told me it was still the middle of the night
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Random Haiku. ZOMG
De ja vu, She says
To which, I respond "Well now,
Rhymes with I love you"
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Elemental-Chapter 1, draft
By: Ben Freeman
Chapter 1
A cold autumn wind blew through the seemingly empty and rather nameless part of town. One may easily call this area a slum, as only the poorest of the poor and those wanting to stray from the more populated areas to hide their identity would call this area livable, and even they would attach the preface 'barely' to those words. Be that as it may, its empty appearance was just that, an illusion to vainly save face for the richer, better areas of the city, when in reality, it was a heavily populated area. The residents, as if ashamed to be in such a state of poverty, not too far from the truth in actuality, kept their residency hidden, out of direct observation, considering it a small favor to those fortunate enough to afford a better life. Those who didn't want to admit that the reality of low income existed in their perfect, worry-free lives. Of course, that's entirely a fact no one can fully admit to being unaware of. After all, failure is just one
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The Dragon and The Halflings
The Dragon and the Halflings
ONE day three halflings were exploring the wilderness when they happened upon a large cave. Being the curious types, the halflings decided to delve into the dark depths of the cave. Deep inside the cavern, they discovered what every halfling dreams about: a room full of gold and riches. The halfings quickly became greedy and began to fill their pockets with as much treasure as they could carry. Satisfied with their find, the three halfings turned to leave the cave. Little did they know that this was a red dragon's lair, and the treasure they had seized was her very own horde. As the halflings came to the entrance, they were stunned to meet the red dragon waiting for them. She snarled and lowered her large head to one, "Did you take my treasure?"
"No, I was just exploring and got lost," Said the first one, shaking in terror, causing the gold in his pockets to rattle.
"You lie!" she roared and gobbled up the halfling. She turned to the second one, "Did you ta
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Impact-Chapter 2
Chapter 2
By Ben Freeman
By the time I woke up, Kenny had already left. I apparently had slept my most sound sleep in my entire life and didn't hear him get up, make Derek's bed, get dressed, and leave. My head was pounding right now; still in quite a bit of pain from last night's fun, but I had recovered a fair amount so I could at least sit up. I did just that, leaning against the wall that was parallel to my bed, holding my head in my paws as I tried to gather my thoughts. I shot a quick glance at the clock to check the time. It was after 1pm, so I'd been out for a good long time. I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes, trying to force myself to get out of bed
After a few moments of debating in my head whether to get up or not, the rumbling in my stomach made the decision for me. Right about now, I really could have gone for a nice home-cooked meal, or a nice juicy burger at a Bar & Grill place ANYWHERE, but sadly, you know, campus and all. It was the dining hall for me
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Stargazer Characters
Stargazer Characters
Vorum Ringtail: Separated from his parents at a young age, Vorum grew up on the streets of the city of Xausht, living as a small-time thief trying to scrape up a few coins to make his way through life. A member of the Thieves' Guild of Farsto, a fellow Raccoon named Pockets Mask, discovered Vorum's skill and potential while Vorum was in his mid-teens and took him under his wing. Vo's skill developed quickly under Pockets' and the Guild's training, and he became an accomplished thief-for-hire. His fighting skills are dangerous and his accuracy with a bow is deadly. He can break into almost anywhere and is quick to escape when he has to. Vo was hired by the Mages' Guild of Farsto to retrieve stolen items from one of its former members. Little did he know this little job would change his life forever.
Age: 22
Species: Raccoon
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Physical description: Dark green cloak with hood, dark blue tunic with a chain vest beneath, and brown trousers on
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Vitekh by Af-Mas Vitekh :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 0 Haramis by Af-Mas Haramis :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 0 Doguhn Graves by Af-Mas Doguhn Graves :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 0 Lina Inverse, Demonheart by Af-Mas Lina Inverse, Demonheart :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 6 6 Sherizad by Af-Mas Sherizad :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 4 dA ID Resized by Af-Mas dA ID Resized :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 1 2 My dA ID by Af-Mas My dA ID :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 6 Luminaria by Af-Mas Luminaria :iconaf-mas:Af-Mas 0 3

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I dunno, to be perfectly honest. I check on this so sparingly I dunno if I should bother. My FurAffinity is really where I keep up with my art, you know, cuz I'm a furry, but still I guess I should keep this updated too. I guess? I dunno. Oh well! Doesn't hurt!


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