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here is a new blog that I created to talk about my manga project "bosozoku dokuro".
I've put a google translater on it, and the english translation is better than I though.
so feel free to visit, join and share it to your friends and ppl that like this kind of work.

thanks a lot for your support ;)

12th birthday

Tue Aug 7, 2012, 5:53 AM by aexons:iconaexons:
24h of free premium, 10% on prints and lots more, well, thanks deviantart ^__^


cuz of DD the other day I got so much comments/watch/llamas/features...and thousands of favs.

as its impossible to thank everybody, i'll do that here. thanks to yall for this, u don't know how much I needed it atm.
I'm not working on some new illustrations at this time, but I'll post more things here when I'll get back to work. hope you'll enjoy it ^.^
some stuff I did from 2008 to 2011, most from Dokuro (still got a lot to post XD).
heres an illustration I made for christmas, hope u'll like it :)
heres some pages from a side story of dokuro, its just an experiment i did for a book with some artists i know (some are on dv, listed below).

:icondaff1: :iconfranckmalfant: :iconregisss:  :iconkriss-li: :iconbuffet-froid: :iconoronox: :icontalrhasha:
7 more pages from Bosozoku Dokuro V.1
i've posted some pages from the first version of bosozoku dokuro (i'm workin on the second version atm). more will come l8er ;)
and one more :)

this one is part of an other story, the manga i'm workin on, Dokuro.

got lot of drawings to post from that manga too, i'll do that one day.

everything's on my website, go take a look there if you can't wait for my update ^.^

up +8 drawings.

These characters are from a story I created long time ago, called "Jam", where you follow the misadventures of some cute goblins.
heres some more drawings, got a loooot to add in devi, will try to do that soon ^.^
opened this place months ago, really need to post somethin XD