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Octahedral Mandelbrot

Just a full view of:

Its a very interesting experiment.. :D
A zoom is at:

Here is another version:
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As you can see, it is non conformal; in some zones it shows long ellipses and in some others circles!

But it's not that bad. You know, the holy grail does not exists at all probably ;)
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I know..its not the grail, but I will keep searching..
Anyways, I have heard some uncorfirmed rumours about the fact that the the FF has finally abandoned the holy quest and moved into more mundane searches.. hmm.. :hmm:
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The only way to get a "holy grail" is using a ifs-like procedure based on root-finding work on the Mandel 2D fractal - find the centers of circles and morphing to spheres and 3D cardioids. Very slow ;)
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Hmmm..perhaps there will be another solution..
anyways..this set is more clear:[link]