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Multidimensional Evilness

I think that the world is not yet ready for this..So I will seal this system..

But I can give a hint of why:
For every vertex, there's a dimension.. Imagine how many dimensions this "thing" has..
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I remember this that's why I suhhested you the puzzles :D
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You know, I'll admit that when you mentioned, dimensions, I was thinking that thing where a point has 0, a line has 1, a square has two, so on and so forth. I then was thinking how, well, I don't know of any finite, curve-free shape that has at least one dimension for every vertex.

Looks mighty cool, though. :3
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Oh, I was speaking of the dimensions of the formula.. Unlike "normal" fractal formulas that often are 1D,2D,3D or 4D..this thing has a very large number of them.. Thats why I have sealed it..It's just too complex.. :D
0D has no Dimensions
1D is a line
2D is a plane..
3D is a space
4D is one space/time line
5D is an space/time plane (a collection of every possible spacetime line or continuum)
6D is an spacetime volume (a collection of every possible spacetime plane that contains every spacetime line)
7D is an spacetime a collection of every possible spacetime volume that constains every possible spacetime plane that also contains every spacetime line that in turns contains every possible 3d space that has every possible plane and in turns has every possible line that is made a collection of 0 dimensional points)
8D I can go, but the explanation is a bit more complex..time can be perfectly reversed on this and it also contains all of the others possibilites, but in two time directions..
9D Multidimensional Space with multiple Time happening at the same moment???

Oh well..that just a teory.. :D
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Bob Howard from The Laundry would like to have a word with you. :-)
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Oh, every pentagram shows here is the entrace to the multidimensional hell that lies in the center of that thing!! :D
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You are welcome.:D
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You are very bad! :no: :rage: :censored:
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Too many dimensions!!
I could burn your neurons and give you a multidimensional fractal indigestion.. :D
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