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Low Rez.. later I will post something better
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If the eqn isn't too long I will feature it in MB ;)
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Promises..promises..promises.. :meditate:
Can you handle more than 3 dimensions?
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I am sorry to disturb you but you are the only 3d expert fractalist that can help me (us? the mandelbulb community? ;) )
Yeah Mandelbulb can handle 4 dimensions but afaik not 5 or 6 (without using some shared unused variables but you know that using those things is not a really good idea :lol: )
If I am disturbing you I am very sorry :cry:
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The only 3d expert on fractals?? There are tons of them at the FF!! :D
I consider myself some sort of Dr. Fractkenstein, who loves to create complex fractal mosters (you can see that in my equations :)) that often causes headaches to coders..
Those formulas range from 4D up to 16D, so perhaps one at 4D can be fast an easy to port.
Let me make a post on the FF
BTW:Most interesting things starts beyond 4D..
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:( I know but nobody helps others, they consider themselves monsters of knowledge with no time to waste for help :)

Luca :iconbouncyhai:
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(I love to write like yoda.. :D)
Actually, let me try to simplify the formulas!, I have found many interesting properties of this system!! :)
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Well, I have left a post on the FF galleries about these sets, but I fear that they will be not interested anymore in 3D mandelbrots.. :|

Exploring those sets, I have saw many 3d spirals and a lot of 3d minibrots..
Here one example:
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Unwise and hard those words are, young one!!..
For both good an evil always they are..
Waste not your time with the evil ones..
With the good ones, you can always share and talk!
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It is certainly very good but :)

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