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July 15, 2008
This gleaming and highly inventive Golden City by *Aexion, was made in the artist's new and exciting fractal program called Incendia... now in the developing, beta-testing stages and making a giant impact in the fractal gallery! The 3-dimensional capabilities are fantastic and this magnificent beauty, exhibits that brilliantly!
Featured by Sophquest
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Golden City

Did you see the fractality here? :D
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A wonderful metallic and mechanistic creation!
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woooooww! I was just looking at road to el dorado pictures when yours popped up. I stared at it like for a good 5 minutes my word this is MASTERPIECE
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Many Thanks for the feature! I appreciate it! :thanks:
FurorArt's avatar
Our pleasure!
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I'm featuring this beautiful piece here: [link] .
If you don't want to be featured, please note me and I'll remove it.
And if you like stamps, you can use this one: [link] :)

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Many Thanks for the feature!! I feel honoured! :thanks:
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Astonishing work! luv it, great job!
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Could I possibly use this and credit you in an auto-photomanipulation? It would make an amazing background for one of my manips :D Either way it's all good, this is an amazing piece!
memnon0288's avatar
Woaaaah this is insane! I thought my eyes were getting tricked until I looked at it more. Siiick.
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fractality in 3D very cool - nice idea
Aspartam's avatar
Mythical eldorado
silverb's avatar
Belated congrats on the DD!Very well deserved.
CassiasZXC's avatar
woah! I can't take my eyes off it!
mdichow's avatar
Please explain "Incendia".
I realize it's still beta but is distribution restricted to testers or is it available to a broader audience who might be interested in doing some work with it.

MrLlamaMan's avatar
How long did it take to make?
oh man doode, that's amazing!
Love this pic! Love the effort and the subject! Working on a city in the sky myself right now! Couldn't imagine anything better!
Love it! I'm doing a painting now called "THE OFFERING" with a city in the3rd Heaven as described in scripture. Your work is awsome! My imagination is stunned!
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