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This fractal touches the frontier between pure fractality and art; the recursion isn't easy to perceive, even if it is fractal.
If you look closely, you will notice that the camera is looking at the top of a sphere of metallic stairs, on top of which there are smaller stair-spheres... and so on...
Created in the original Incendia version.
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December 19, 2017  
MasterOfAnkh's avatar
Love, love, love this! Gz 4 DD! :D
mickmulvey's avatar
Ahm honestly how did you think  to do like this?You are genius Aexion 
sublumenal's avatar
This is not only awe inspiring, but a really gorgeous image too.  Thanks for sharing your creations!
Ladydragoncat's avatar
I don't know how you did this... but I love what you've done! This is absolutely FANTABULOUS!!! Keep dong what you're doing, because you're doing GREAT!!  Wow!   OMG 
I'd love to buy this on a displate!  Have you thought of putting some of your work up for sale over there?
Darkblazer001's avatar
That's futuristic and nice "polyhedral" namings too!
Imaginautilus's avatar
WHAT??????  hahaha.

too awesome.
recycledrelatives's avatar
Beautiful! Love your work!
bluartdesign2012's avatar
amazing ,great metalic colors
SSossusvlei's avatar
Really cooool stuff!!
MommyMoggie's avatar
You have an absolutely stunning gallery!
Aexion's avatar
Many Thanks!! :)
cinder63's avatar
absolUTELY INCREDIBLE.......I have such LOVE for fractals...
ArtKangem's avatar
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!
12CArt's avatar
WOW........That's HOT..............REALLY HOT !!! :)
TiamatHeart's avatar
Digital masterpiece:clap:
bib993's avatar
I would be curious to see when anyone is able to replicate that one in Mandelbulb3D using the all new dIFS formulas. There must be a way!
Aexion's avatar
This is not some sort unreachable holy fractal.. In fact, this just the opposite: an extremely unholy and diabolical one.. :D
Astro31345's avatar
I CAN SEE IT NOW!!! Hallelujah!!!! What inspired you to do this?
Astro31345's avatar
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