Fractal in the Sky
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Probably it weights far more than a vaporous cloud..but it can float like one.. :D

Incendia Beta 2
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dark-beam|Student Artist
But the true quadratic koch does not have those blank areas. :)

blank = :| :P
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Reminds me of secondary school when we drew out the 2D version of this by hand.
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It looks very good :)

Is the ratio for cube to next cube size smaller 1:3 ?
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Aexion's avatar
Yes, its 0.333333 times smaller :)
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Very nice one
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breakerr|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope that the feature in my journal helps a bit....keep up the work :w00t:
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I'd like to know how to make that foggy effect.
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UniversalKinase|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! It look almost like it's inverted menger cube, and it is just another example of your stunning abilities.
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Sophquest| Digital Artist
:+favlove: Unusually dreamlike and ethereal, while
remaining minimalistic and mathematical!
This is one of my favorites of yours. :clap:
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psion005|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful simplicity :D

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This is very cool. You don't see too many convex fractals. Usually they just shrink into themselves, rather then growing beyond their origin. Very cool.
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This is great! Such a fascinating programme. Will we be able to buy Incendia soon? I would be happy to buy it. Or is it still possible to be a beta tester now?
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:wow: Brilliant! I wish I could be an Incendia beta tester, I'd love to be able to create at this level. :please:
Meanwhile I'll enjoy what you & the others are giving the world, so many beautiful images. :w00t!:
This one is outstanding. :D
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it looks really cute. kinda surreal castle in the air :D
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MeLinFrance|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bonjour Aexion,
Je trouve triste que vous ne ré;pondiez pas aux mails que l'on vous envoie.
J'aurais aimé tester votre logiciel ..
Tant pis... c'est dommage .
Je crois avoir compris que vous cherchez à le vendre éventuellement ...mais pour se faire il faut offrir la possibilité de l'essai ne serait-ce que 7 jours !
Bonne fin de journée
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Aexion's avatar
I dont understand french :|
Can you write in english, or spanish??? :?
Thanks :D
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uncubitodehielo88's avatar
¿Será ese el famoso "cubo celestial" del que tanto me hablaron?

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Aexion's avatar
Cubos Celestiales?? donde??? :?
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thunder7|Hobbyist Artist
just totally awesome
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parrotdolphin|Professional Digital Artist
Sweet volumetrics, very sweet! :)
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Man, I've been trying to create a similar fractal in POV-Ray for ages (and consistently failed -_-) XD Nice job, look forward to new Beta :D
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like the haze and glow..is yours similar to xd?
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Very good job.
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Capstoned| Digital Artist
Nice -Beta 2 seems OK- No serious problems?
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