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Fractal Machine

Incendia Geometrica, rendered in Blender Cycles

Full View please, or you will miss the little details.. Mind to wait for the full download.. (16mb)
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I love all your fractals, particularly the animations ! It's like magic ! I'd like to fav them all, but I can't...just consider that it's done !! And congratulations for your DD ! You deserved it, that beast is unique & wild !!
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sorry i can't wait for the full view - my pc is much to slow - but i'm downloading it and will look at it at my working pc which is not on the net... :D
i'm sure i will love it - thank you so much for allowing a download...
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Very nice....I have been playing around with Incendia a little. I cant get the shapes to change in Geometrica tho ?....
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Cool original interpretation
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This is fantastic! Excellent!:clap:
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This is just amazing & beautiful! :)
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Many Thanks!! :thanks:
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Now that is so cool ... reminds me of the Babbage difference engine but this one is calculating itself into existance ... I can imagine it being left to run for a few years and coming back to find it had evolved into sentience!
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Actually, my own computer, after five years of being rendering fractals and generating Incendia versions, will most probably will someday get into sentience. (Jokes aside, this computer has saved me so many times in all of those years that I have asked to my friends that if I die, to put the computer in the coffin!! :) )
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it is really nice, but the right side is going backwards.
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One in three transformation runs backward, so you can perceive the same movement pattern in all of the fractal sections.
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Fantastic...saw it on FB also!
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