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Chaotic World

For those want to see the fractality here, look at these eggshaped craters, they repeat in all scales
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great and ashy )) :heart:
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Nice job. I would like to see this one lit from the inside with vehicles traveling out of the holes. My mind is wandering. Truly inspiring work.
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Many Thanks!! :D
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This blew my mind! I would LOVE to learn how to make this kind of art!
Fantastic work!
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Many Thanks!! :)
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So awesome. I've just started using your software and I love it, even if I am not so great at using it (yet :P)

Keep up the good work.
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Amazing alien stuff!
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Looks like a planet straight out of science fiction. :wow: I could just imagine spaceships flying in or out of those craters or something.

You make that with Incendia 1.3 or your experimental version? I just recently found out about your program. I hear at one time it had 3d mesh export and animation? Those features coming back in soon? You have some excellent looking stuff here.
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Many Thanks!! :D

Yes, it is made with Incendia, actually an ancient version. It can be done with the actual Incendia 1.3
And yes, the Incendia EX version has mesh export support and I'm working right now on the animations. A little example can be seen at [link]
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Absolutely stunning! I want to live on this planet!! :)
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Woah, that looks awesome.
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Hello. For some reason, this picture isn't showing up either in full view or when I hit Download.
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Exceptional !!!!
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Thats wicked 8-) looks both man-made, with the metallic colours, yet natural with the odd-shaped patterns. Like something very advanced :alien:

Whats more interesting, is that I would never guess how big this was. it looks planet-sized in one way, yet also looks tiny, like it's encrusting a cell :D
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:shocked: i dreamed of this place!

...well, i didn't - but i am sure i have been there for lunch...

sorry i lied again, but this reminds me somehow of a truly chaotic work of my own: [link]
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:wow: Wow... That looks awesome! It looks so volcanic... You captured it really well!
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I don't really go in for the fractal thing, but damn does this look good! :clap:
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