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Incendia EX 3 is now Launched! :D
Still need to write wiki articles about it, but its now on the server.
Hope that this time all goes well..It's has many new features and as soon as EX users told me that its stable, it will be released as Incendia 1.4
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I love this. Wish there was more tutorials on how to use incendia. Total noob here.
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I have just started using Incendia and its a great program. One day I hope to make a great picture like this one but I fear it may take a bit of time.:pc:
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well - after thinking over it for one night ;-) : faved :floating:

very impressed!
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I love this one... I have a thing for air balloons... :D
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Wohoo, fun image. Good moon!
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Many Thanks!!
I have found that moon orbiting around a troubled blue planet.. :D
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:wave: Knock knock.. I featured this deviation here --> [link]
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Many, Many Thanks for the feature!! :D
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Nice one Aexion...:)
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Where is it? Where is it? Checking Yahoo...
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Yahoo??, it was not the inbox one:?
I'm confused..can you send me a email or a note with the email address that you use..i have so many!
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Ohh... don't be hasty :D
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Oh well..did you received it?
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Downloading it now my friend and thanks!
With all the Windows-wrestling I've been
doing, this is a welcome treat.
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Been wrestling the machine again, Aexion.
Will go and get it now.
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Oky...I delay it a bit because I wanted to finish the docs, since they are important. In few hours i will send it.
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