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17. SEP 2009, photoshop

Sometimes I have a passion for (what most would define as) evil. I simply have the desire to destroy something most people could never even think of harming.

My intention is to show that nothing is sacrosanct. I want to galvanize people to think about the illusion of dualities like holy and mundane or good and evil they live with. We need dualities to survive in this world, but one has to realize that they are not universal, that the definitions of the extremes vary from individual to individual, sometimes they even turn around 180 degrees.

I apologize to all goths, satanists, weapon fetishists and everyone who might feel offended by the cliché-ridden symbols I used. I used them they way I did intentionally, to reveal how superficial they are.

This work is my entry for :iconaziot: 's PASSION CONTEST [link] (Journal [link] ).


Blood & Gore


Base Photo

[link] by :icongayleneallgood:
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ill give you 2 words "HAIL SATAN" since im nice ill give you 2 more words "fantastic work" (^-^)
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Lol :D Thanks a lot! :thanks:
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this is amazing, i really like it. i feel it reflects evil in pure state :)

then the blue eye peering from the depths gives it an even more scary feel...

i love it!! :w00t:
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Thank you very much! :bow: :thanks:
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This realy gives the impression that a group of witches are standing just outside the shot, summoning their powers to perform so dark deeds. The double-exposure eye was also a great touch. The only thing I would do differently is to make the pentagram a little messier; now it looks too orderly and precise, contrary to the helter skolter feel of the rest of the piece.
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Thanks for the critique & compliment! :thanks:

Maybe you're right about the pentagramm - I don't know how others feel about it, imho all the messy chaos needs a bit of order to balance the image.
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