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Mutagen Teaser: Waheela Sketch

By Aevix
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This is a species WIP for the upcoming ARPG, Mutagen!

Meet the Waheela!
This creature is a nimble, canid-like hunter. It roams the taiga region of the world, and its known to be exceptionally quick on its feet. Waheela typically hunt in small groups of 2 to 3, and although it's known to be a noble predator, these creatures are known to forage for berries and fruit. Its key characteristic features are its alert ears, fluffy mane, and long, lanky legs.

Here's a teaser of a species you can adopt in my ARPG project, Mutagen :3
It's named after a wolf-like north american cryptid creature which is said to roam canada, michigan, and alaska. It doesn't bear much resemblance to its namesake, other than being 'wolf-like' (although the cryptid Waheela is said to be a Amphicyonid, or bear-dog, an extinct family of animals)

Currently, Mutagen is not open for play, but the group is already filled with the mechanics and how-to's of the game. Feel free to check it out! Mutagen-ARPG

Also, I'm looking to recruit a staff member to help me run Mutagen once it's live. Info here: Mutagen Staff Wanted!

Created for

Paint Tool SAI + Photoshop CS6
Working size is as shown.
Art by me, Aevix
For the use of Mutagen-ARPG only.
Don't copy, trace, or otherwise abuse.
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