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I have no hope that this will reach a large audience. I simply wanted a place to be able to potentially share my art. Even if just a few see what I draw I'll be happy. If nothing else I want this to be a place where I can keep all of my art as well. I'm not a kid, teen, young adult...I am an adult. I am 27, married, with a young daughter. I have a full time job as a teacher and I'm back in college getting my Masters in Education. I have a very full and busy life and I can say right now this isn't my first priority. But I love art, I love to draw. It is a hobby that I don't want to lose or give up. I have certain projects and fandoms that have gotten me drawing again after a long time. So this is for myself, to encourage myself to keep drawing and put myself out there, even if not often. 

Again, I don't know if this will be read by anyone. Who knows right? But I'm doing this for me and my love of art. And if by chance someone sees this and likes it. Then that makes m happy to.

My current fandoms:
South Park

My current projects:
-Tarot cards (Major Arcana for now) of my various fandom loves. What makes sense for said card, not a whole set for just one fandom. For my eventual personal use once finished. 
-Random practice of things that make me want to draw again :)


P.S. It has been a long time since I've been on DeviantArt, and dear lord the Emoticons have gotten better!
Undertale Sans Brows Emoji  


The Magician
I absolutely love Detroit: Become Human! When I fell down the rabbit hole I definitely had to do a Good boy Connor for my tarot card series. I thought Connor with his coin tricks made for a good magician card. The background colors are a play on the LED colors the androids can go through :) I want more than ever to draw more DBH right now <3
Judgement 20
This was another no brained card. A card titled Judgement and Sans is the judge in the judgement hall? Yep. No doubt who I was drawing for this one. I also always wanted to draw this scene but never felt I could or had the motivation to attempt it until this tarot card project since it fit so well.

I took many references from google though via just putting in “sans judgement hall”. Since I had never draw faster blasters before and that title floor man, way too annoying. But in the end, one day when I print these cards for myself, I’ll be very happy to have this card. I also really enjoyed playing with a light source from the window/s that I placed to the left out of the field of vision.
Death 13
The death card. Considering my resurgent love for South Park who else could truly be a more perfect fit for this theme than Kenny himself. The boy who continues to defy death itself. This card’s composition is also heavily inspired by mixolo’s South Park tarot on tumblr. It’s a compilation of rough sketches of a personal tarot deck they are doing. Since the point of the tarot I’m making is also only for personal use I used the composition since I felt it very fitting. Still I did not trace, I drew and colored everything myself. Again, the composition is what I used :)

This link:…
High Jew Elf Kyle
My current obsession is definitely South Park. And I’ll always have a soft spot for Elf!Kyle. I can’t help but to draw him all the time. This was mainly practice for a side profile. Only did simple block coloring.
Agent 707 is on the case! It’s been awhile but I loved the game mystic messenger and 707 was always my favorite character. I got to doodling him one day as some simple practice. Sweet boy <3


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27. Married. Math teacher. Casual artist. I love to draw, but between work, going back for my Masters in Education, and my baby, I simply upload when I can. Don’t want to give up the hobby.


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Hi! I really like you artwork! :) I was wondering if you had any tutorials of your own or any that you could reference. Please and thank you c:
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