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Scootaloo, Casual

My gallery has a lot of orange, doesn't it?
Well, just another random vector, this one of Scootaloo being cool as usual. I drew this up to take a break after packing for several hours. Ugh.

The vector was made from a screenshot of episode 05x04, Bloom and Gloom. Actually it's the same shot as this pic:…

Here's the svg:

Edit: Fixed the line widths in the hair and tail.
      Edit Edit: Put her wings back on

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I found Scootaloo to be the easiest of the Crusaders to try and write about (minus Babs, whom I haven't taken a whack at yet).

Well, I guess I shouldn't say easiest, I should say more interesting. She's highly impulsive, very energetic, hard to impress, and most outgoing of the three.
Sweetie Belle's a close second. Least chatty of the three, passively helpful, enjoys working in the background, stuff she does is rarely noticed but always appreciated even if people don't notice it was her, cautious (at least compared to the other two),
Apple Bloom... uhhhhh, hardest to write because she's the middle of the two. Scootaloo's very tom-boyish in character, where Sweetie Belle is easily the most girly of the bunch. Apple Bloom falls in that weird section of not being, I shouldn't say extremes... but like, she's not leaning as far to either end of the spectrum as the other two. That being said, she works the hardest of the three, and she seems to be more peckish if you notice her character. Sweetie Belle fits as a people-pleaser, she hates letting people down. Scootaloo's a show-off, in a good way. Apple Blooms the average-joe of the bunch. Her fitting in the middle makes her extremely hard to write, without making her a carbon copy of her bigger sister, AJ.

Which is weird, because I find the more average someone is, the harder they are to write. AJ's a surprisingly easy character to write decently. Where as Rarity is harder to write decently because unlike her little sister, who's character is shown through her behaviour towards others, Rarity's behaviour is actually a surprising mix of Applejack (people-pleaser) and Twilight(pre-Alicorn)-(Intellectual) AND Rainbow Dash (confident show-off).

By the way, did you ever notice you forgot to add Scoot's wings?
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What kind of writing are we talking about here? Do you do fanfics or analysis or something?

Oh, and yeah, the wings. I was doing some updating on the line thicknesses a couple days ago, so I deactivated them for that process and forgot to reactivate them for the final save. Whoops. She's all good now though, thanks for pointing it out.
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I've got two published mlp fanfics, although I haven't updated them in a... since... April?

One's an independent Fallout universe based fic, with a complete OC character cast, about why Human Experimentation is bad, that to defeat a monstrous - you have to become a monster yourself, asking if the end really does justifiably the means of getting there, and I'll admit, since I do most of my writing at the ungodly hours of the morning, you know when I actually have time, the typos are more common than I'd like. But of course, it couldn't be fallout equestria, so last time I checked it had a... 50% backlash rating... that was back in April. Yikes. ;_;. It's a little cheesy in the sense it's primarily about at 14 year old girl and her 27 year old mentor. There's also other ideas like, not sure how familiar you are with Fallout and the absolutely disgusting tests the Vaults actually ran. The idea of, if you set up someone's future, you've taken away their future. "Tell someone their future, and you destroy it. Takes away the mystery and the hope."

The other's a MechWarrior fic, my goal was to explain why there was so many similarities in MLP to real life. My explanation: Human Interference, and that given the opportunity we should leave well enough alone, it also covers interesting ideas like "Humanity's had the capability of annihilating ourselves for over a thousand year, (as this MechWarrior fic takes place after the Succession Wars, 1000 years in the future), so you'll either kill your own planet with the power of the atom, or your species will live long enough to see it happen elsewhere." And that statement is WAY more applicable to the BattleTech universe than you'd originally think. This one's covers events that happen just before the end of season 3, literally the second last episode. I had to constrain myself somewhere, or I'd be shoving references in to stuff that hadn't technically happened in the time line, which is why I mentioned Pre-Alicorn Twilight up there. This one's fairing much better than the other one, with like a 10% backlash on it. :L The Fallout one, it amazes and completely deterred me from writing more in the last few months, that because of Fallout: Equestira, NO ONE else can touch the Fallout Universe for a crossover fic. Suddenly it's not allowed. Hell, I wasn't even trying to copy it for the duration of the story. It takes place in a Vault, and that's the only place it takes place. I am NOT trying to compete with Fallout: Equestria.

It's also arguable that I wrote a Power Ponies fic, it was an intermission during a Train Ride to the Crystal Empire in my MechWarior fic. Came up with my own story for it, non-incognito names for the power ponies.
Interesting premise. Let's see if I can remember their names off the top of my head since I haven't touched it in... 5 months:

*My Made Up Name* - *Super Hero Name* (*Analog Super Hero*)

Arcing Amperage - Zapp. (Thor, god of Thunder)
Aura Presence - Masked Matter-Horn (Never did figure out who she was supposed to be, the Ice makes me think of Mr. Freeze, but he's a villain... =/ )
Pretty Zippy - Fili-Second (The Flash)
Centre Spotlight - Radiance (The Green Lantern)
Seventh Clover - Mistress Mare-Velous (Batman)
Sierra Madre - Saddle Rager (The Incredible Hulk)
Creative Commons - Humdrum (I know he's not a superhero analog, but it really bugs me that I couldn't think of anyone from anywhere that really kinda fits his description.)

Also, everyone knows, Batman has the best Villains. Period. The Mane-Iac is a simultaneous combination of Mr. Freeze (he fell in a vat of liquid hydrogen, I think, which made him super tough and gave him the ability to free anyone, and The Joker (completely and utterly insane + dialog), and Poison Ivy (her hair), and Doctor Octopus [Spiderman] (Her hair, again). I'm sure there's probably more, but I really love that they smashed a bunch of really epic Super Villains together and didn't make a Mary-Sue in the process. She's the run of the mill over the top, absolutely hairlarious to watch, Super Villain. And it's awesome. The Power Ponies is in my top five favourite episodes. :D

EDIT: and now that I think about, I suppose she's a Thief as well, so... Catwoman! : D

I've said to a lot of artists that I can't draw. I'm not sure if I said it to you.

I can't draw.

So I write.