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Pinkie Pie Wants

:iconpinkiestarryeyesplz:: Did somepony say hay bacon?!?

Screenshot from "The One Where Pinkie Knows." Personally, I was surprised that this was not requested, but whatever...

SVG: Pinkie Pie Puppy

And here's a WIP version:Inky Pie Wants by Aethon056

:iconpinkie-danceplz:COMMERCIAL TIME:iconpinkie-danceplz:

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Me: Here Pinkie get the cupcake. Come on girl get the cupcake
Pinkie: *Pant* *pant* ARF! ARF!
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Vehicon no. 304: "why don't you stick your tongue up your hole"

Vehicon no. 123: "hole???"

me: *whispers in Vehicon no. 123's ear about pinkie pie's hole*

Vehicon no. 123: 0_0 "I didn't need to know that..."
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:iconapplejackwhutplz: "You shouldn't be making the same face I see on Winona, Pinkie..."
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:icondashhiyaplz::iconsaysplz: Round em up, Pinks!
:iconpinkieisexcitedplz::iconsaysplz: Arf-Arf!
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funny pinkie pie
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Reminds me of a puppy for some reason
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You... I like the way you think.
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I like how on the gallery page she's looking at the cake. :3

Oh... Pinkie Pie... where to start with you?

This pink-accident-waiting-to-happen is... difficult to write about, why? There's not much to go on. Least characterized of the primary cast.

Spike, a secondary character, has more characterization than this lead.

Applejack, an essentially secondary character, has more characterization than this Hasbro fuck-up.

Princess Luna, who's been in a fraction of the episodes, has more characterization than her.

Cheese Sandwich, the male version of Pinkie Pie, has more characterization than her, and HE SHOWED UP FOR ONE EPISODE.

So much wasted potential. She's supposed to be in comic relief, but the best way to write comic relief is to have the comic relief be the "one sane man". But no... Hasbro gave us this completely off the deep-end, especially in the later seasons, past season 2 most notably, whack-job that literally had to be told "You can't be friends with everyone." That is a basic life lesson that most kids under the age of 5 understand. *huge sigh* fucking fantastic.

That's post season 2 Pinkie, unfortunately, another Hasbro shit-storm. Season 2 and prior Pinkie was just this easily excited, optimistic, and light-hearted character that was in your face, and then sat in the background after her purpose was completed. And now she's been written to be completely airheaded. Seriously, What the fuck, Hasbro?!

And don't get me on the breaking the 4th wall stuff. It was funny when it was done in moderation, and now we can't go an episode with her in it, without breaking the 4th wall. I'm talking to you "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone". Unfortunately, the previously mentioned episode was actually one where Hasbro post-season 2, *almost* wrote Pinkie properly. She's supposed to be either the kicker, like finding the book "it was under E" in Sonic Rainboom, or the instigator, i.e A Friend in Deed.

And she mains the tie for the the straight-up worst episode they've shoved out:
Too Many Pinkie Pies, Season 3.

Screw. That. Episode.

Season 3, more often than not called "The fan-service season" is just the prime example of WHY you don't do episode after episode dedicated DIRECTLY to fan service. And that's where all her character problems come from, post season 3, everything for Pinkie has just been fan service.

I've actually tried to write some depth to her character in my one Fan-fic.

    Of course, Rarity couldn’t completely defend the look into yourself statement. Her talent revolved completely around what others thought. Completely around the opinions of others. It required ingenuity for sure, but the fact would always remain. To be at the cutting edge of fashion trends you have to throw just enough change in to give ponies what they wanted, something that others would notice, while making it look decent.

    So the one size fits all statement didn’t fit for Rarity in particular... and now that she thought about it, Pinkie Pie as well. She’d never admit it, and it definitely didn’t look like it, but Pinkie Pie actually did get worn out from throwing the biggest parties, always expecting to have the best, she pushed herself to the limit, and beyond.

    And so, Rarity and Pinkie were a lot alike in that aspect at least: both had to be - in particular - pony pleasers.

    Rarity had seen Pinkie’s happy-go-lucky veil fall only once. Just a single moment of pure speaking from the heart.

    “Have I ever told you that I hate confetti?” Pinkie said, completely out of the blue.

    And then she explained that it wasn’t like she hated confetti because it was confetti. She hated confetti because it was hard to clean. She didn’t care about things like spilled drinks and dropped food, that was something that was sometimes quite literally crying over spilled milk. Confetti on the other hoof was everywhere, tiny, and could stick to anything... and just when you think you’ve gotten it all... you find a straggler. Confetti was insidious to her.

Think about it, something that's a complete must to any event she's running, and she utterly despises it. I like to call this the "stone in shoe" effect. Imagine you're on a pleasant walk, but there's a stone in your shoe, and for argument sake, you can't take it out of the shoe. You have to deal with it. And so you ignore that continuous sensation of feeling that stone nip your heel as you walk... and it's constant, every time you step, you feel it. And eventually it doesn't matter how awesome that walk is, that stone, that tiny little rock in your shoe, has literally ruined everything about that walk... because you can't ignore it. Now imagine that, every time you're done with a party... and you have to clean up. Every time, you've gotta vacuum up all the confetti... and time and time again, every time you thought you got it all... you find that straggler.

Yeah, that's summon demons out of me for sure.

And the dumb thing is, this isn't Applejack here. We haven't ran out of things to explore through Pinkie Pie's character, it's just the writers completely refuse to, and it's a damn shame.

Whaddya think of this damn wall of text I've got here?

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I think this is is the first of your WoT's that I quite disagree with. Of course, I need to preface this with the fact that I am not a writer, and character analysis is completely outside my field of knowledge.

However, I love the way her character is written. I know that it can seem simple, but she really wants to make everyone happy, and that is awesome. Bringing smiles to others completely defines her life, because she just cares that much. It's neat that this is at the same time her flaw, in that she gets insecure whenever it seems that she can't make someone happy.

I really appreciate her attitude, both in her happy-go-lucky perspective and her general silliness. Of course, I think I especially like this because I act somewhat similar myself. Not that I act like a retard, but that I understand the power of diffusing problems with a bit of timely humor, which is something she does very well.

I would not say that she is the funniest character, but she's certainly the funny character the most often. On a side note, I think that some of the funniest moments in the show come from Rarity, particularly when she breaks her own stereotype.
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Obviously, it's my opinion. Blah, blah, blah. I respect your points on that she's there to lighten the mood.

And... Well, Pinkie's got my 3rd favourite episode in the series, Swarm of the Century.

I just get very tired of the writers adding no depth to a character that has so much potential for it, ERM, Princess Twilight, I'm talking to you.

Seriously, there is a time and place for everything, and during the middle of a crisis, Pinkie's always being completely out of place. Because it's a cartoon. "Oh, noes, we can't have Pinkie being serious when a villain is on the loose! People will think that the show is taking itself too seriously! And we can't have that!" I.E Discord gets released, and Pinkie's more concerned with chocolate rain. Or did the idea that people may not light chocolate ever pass through her head?

Pinkie has been so dedicated to making others happy, that she never even stopped to think if they'd even appreciate her antics.

I don't care how adorable she is, and yes, I'm admitting she's adorable. But I personally couldn't stand to sit in the same room with her for 5 minutes. Maybe I'm just too much of a grump to really appreciate her character anymore. But I personally prefer my humour to be humourous, not irritating. Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner, how these two characters that say literally say nothing have made me laugh more than Pinkie because they've got 3 things that Pinkie's antics don't.

1) Reasonable Motivation
Wile E. Coyote's actually got a legitimate reason for going after The Road Runner, he's trying to eat him. That's not unreasonable. So that's a backing that people get behind. Pinkie Pie can be silly, and I'd actually say stupid for some things, for the sake of it. Now obviously trying to keep people happy and content isn't unreasonable either, but take a look at Moon Dancer, she didn't even want the party at first. This is actually a critical failing in her character. The idea of "One size fits all", which when done properly is an interesting addition to any character, and this is the idea of "there is a single solution to everything." And there's not. And Pinkie's solution to everything... is to be silly and hope to put a smile on someone's face. Wile E. Coyote tries something new every episode, and it NEVER works, but if every episode of the Road Runner was Wile E. Coyote doing the SAME THING, over and over again. That would be 2 things: boring as all hell, and actually insane.

The definition of insanity is doing a process repeatedly, without changing anything within that process every repetition, and trying to get a different result.

But back to the "One Size Fits All" mentality. I can give you character, who has an incredibly interesting characterization, who followed this mentality. Yoda. Yoda had this mentality. That there was a single solution to everything, and that in turn gave him single minded thinking. And before you tell me I'm wrong. Yoda's thinking and beliefs have been proven wrong repeatedly throughout the Star Wars series, even if you're just considering the movies. 1) He was wrong about Vader. "Once down the dark path you go, forever will it dominate your destiny." That's bullshit, that is complete and utter bullshit, because Vader turned back at the end. That and there were so many tales of Redemption within the Jedi order of Jedi that had fallen to the dark side and eventually turned back: Ulic Kel Droma and Revan being the two I can think of just off the top of my head. 2) Yoda tells Anakin in Episode III that the Lightside was the only possible path, and he was so sure of himself. And then Palpatine kicks his ass. An extension in the novel of Episode III has Senator Organa asking Yoda if he's alright after the end of his fight with the Emperor and Yoda replies "Only my pride." That's speaks VOLUMES about what had just happened in the Senate Chambers between Palpatine and Yoda.

2) A time and place for everything
Pinkie's comic relief is welcome and the series would definitely be lesser without it, but there is a time and place for everything. And the middle of a crisis is not time to be 1) casting jokes, 2) acting dumb, 3) not taking the situation seriously. Now the 3rd point can be argued whether or not she does take major crises seriously or not, but that's definitely what it feels like it's coming off of. Maybe I can attribute this to "The good guys always win." that MLP drives home, it's cartoon after all, I'm not expecting some super dark stuff. But what I do like is a dash of realism, because Nightmare Moon being on the loose is cause for concern and the only thing Pinkie can do is hop around.


Or does the concept of restraint not compute with her? Another critical failing if so. Could've been made interesting if she doesn't know any other way to be. And that idea alone could make everything she's ever done, work with me. "I make these jokes, and act silly all the time, because I don't know how to stop! Before I realized that I wanted to make others happy, the only thing I ever knew was loneliness and depression. And I don't understand how I got that far without being like I am now, and I know I couldn't ever go back. So when I see others down, it reminds me of what I used to be, and I can't bare to watch." And that would fix give an actual reason, which fixes the Reasonable Motivation, and even though this is somewhat implied in the series, it's never actually said. Of course, It's never said that the Coyote wants to Eat the road runner, but you see him sharpening knives, reading cook books, and setting up traps that are obviously meant to kill. That's pretty clear what the Coyote wants.

3) Chemistry
Breaking the Status Quo is something I can appreciate so a serious extent, given what happened to me. The issue is though, when the new norm gets accepted, even if it doesn't become the Status Quo, it's not breaking the Status Quo anymore. And the thing is Pinkie Pie's antics are completely accepted now. In seasons 1 and 2, at least people that didn't know her would at least ask "What the hell is wrong with her?" (Feeling Pinkie Keen, I believe) in some way or another, or completely dismiss her, because of preconceptions (Swarm of the Century). But doesn't it bother anyone that, until Season 4... there was never anyone else like Pinkie Pie? A truly singular character. The more unique you make a character, the harder it is to relate. That is a fact. Cheese Sandwich is relatable , because a lot of his inspiration came from Pinkie Pie. Which we can all relate to, chasing certain interests because of an idol, or taking after someone we respect. James Doohan, the man who played Scotty in Star Trek TOS, inspired many people to seek a future in Engineering. James Doohan is not an Engineer, he did have some significant technical skills, but he wasn't actually an Engineer. People saw him as Scotty, an Engineer, and chased Engineering as a career. That demands respect.

Pinkie has been out of place as, we've got the quiet intellectual, the aspiring designer, the hardworking labourer, the shy animal lover, the prideful athlete, and the crazy, over the top, poorly written, party girl.

One of these things just doesn't belong here... well, if you looking at post-season 2 Pinkie Pie. Seasons 1 and 2 had her as The Enthusiastic Optimist, which fits.

Where as it's believable that the other 5 could mesh... Pinkie's the odd man out. It strikes me as incredibly bizarre, and completely unreal. At least, the most recent episodes. Swarm of the Century is my 3rd favourite episode, and that was in Season 1.

What a complete mess. They went from writing her decently well to... a happy-go-lucky unbelievable and out of place character. She breaks the suspension of disbelief for me.

There, I hope that at least makes more sense on my reasoning.
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Why that face remeber me Scooby Doo? XD
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Thats just how amazing you are .O.
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