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Superman cover

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Super thanks!!!
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You are too kind, thx!
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Very nice work ! O.O
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I've always been a fan of superman. I know he's a pop culture icon, but upon reading his comics, I saw more to his character than any other hero. He was always being burdened being the hero, yet he hides it well. There are times he came close to giving up, or being outright defeated, there were even times his core belief in the goodness of humanity shatters, and yet he refuses to be cowed; with the help of his friends he gets back up because there are who people rely on him, he is always needed.

Seeing him close to broken really hit home to me, people nowadays compare who's the strongest hero, but his comics where never being about who's the strongest, Superman never took pride in his powers, his pride came with his ideology, that he inspires good to the everyday people. Which the movies miss the point of, it wasn't just about cynical realism, it should have showcased his optimism and most importantly his humanity.

So seeing a pure white cover of Superman is really inspiring, it captures his essence of being the true hero he represents. 
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So well said, thx!
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THANKS, right back at you brother!
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Glad you like it.
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A dynamic headshot for a dynamic hero!
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Thx, I like that!
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