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Hi people, I have left this account for a good while, I know; but I realized something pretty important (I think) in my HC department that demanded my attention, so I have dropped in to fix that a little lmao

The fact I have been completely neglecting to develop Kellyn's parents.

FInally remembered, how back then?I pretty much ""decided"" to give them disabilities as an ""easy way out"" to have a ""family issue that was not too crippling"", which is tbh p lazy excuse for a character background, and not even a sensible way to depict disabled characters. AND then I plumb forgot about the fact that I had done that excuse in the first place... Sure, I always thought they were strong people regardless and that they passed it onto their son... but you have every reason to not have believed me, the way I was talking about them & the lack thereof. xD

So I've been working on where I left them, started expanding them accordingly and actually work on where they end up too, just something long overdue

Brent (Father): Retired IP agent with work-related injuries. Met with a financial crisis (details needed) shortly after his retirement, which affected the family. Eventually sold his assets and moved to Almia in a small farm in order to support his children, and for quite some time his title has been the farm's owner. He has used his IP connections to help his son and the Union a few times. He is currently self-employed in another job besides his farm (details needed).

From his injuries, he uses a wheelchair, and has slight speech and orthopedic restrictions.

Shirley (Mother): in progress. So far I have: She is a college-degree holder, probably a master's equivalent, in a world where that level of education is considered uncommon. Her circumstances, however, proves that she ends up pretty overeducated for her job (which I still need to decide). She worked until some time after the birth of Kellyn's sister, after which her health started to decline, forcing her to take a rest from her work. She eventually gets a new job, except it forces her to be away a lot, and her health still prevents her from making so many travels so right now they are a long-distance family. Both of her children are self-sufficient however, so she hopes to continue her work until her retirement.

I need to work up what is the illness Shirley got after Lil Sis's birth, but I have newly considered that she may/may not have worn hearing aids from childhood. If so, she decided to learn a sign language motivated by this, and is a fluent speaker. A consideration at this point, will depend on whether I can depict it well or not.

Parents and son's relationship: Kellyn grew up fast, in fact skipped most (if not all) of his adolescence pain, and treats his parents in a very polite and filial manner. Both Brent and Shirley feel that they did not allow Kellyn to be a child enough, and that he has had too much family burdens to share, but they treat him like an adult now that he is.

In other department, I've been well, mostly busy, for me rn which is a good thing xD

See you when I get a new comp. I hope to be able to color again soon ;u;

- Ethy

Edit: If you think you have any good feedbacks/critiques, please be my guest. I know these are fanworks, but I do learn some relevant things from these. Thanks!!
(This was already a good while ago, but)

Ya know how in PR: GS they called Kellyn an "elite Ranger" and I've been bugging myself forever about what that's supposed to mean because it's a terminology totally uncalled for?

Turns out it was just a translation error :D

I saw an original screenshot of the scene: there it said loud and clear "Kellyn the Top Ranger".

Idk now who messed up in the translation crew, but I can finally rest this matter and rest WELL \o/ It makes so much sense hoooooo boi

still doesn't change the fact Kate's limelight has been robbed, but still x'D
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Hullo friends

So I made a new dA account a few months back already. And I think I'm ready now to put it into practice ;)

Do note that I am NOT planning to leave the Pokemon Ranger fandom, NOR planning to stop loving Kellyn, in any near future - which means forever. xD I have, however, largely moved my Ranger-related activity out of this site. I am not going to deactivate this account, and will drop an occasional art as I have always been doing, but I decided that I wanted this account to stay largely PR-themed? Not that I'm actually good at drawing anything else lmao, but I probably will be.

I will not be linking between my new account and this one, so if you're a friend who'd like to follow me on my new one, please drop me a dA note. This is not quite moving accounts, though, so if you're only here for the PR/Kellyn-related things, or for any other reason you're not interested in following the other one, that's fine too :D

..."This is not quite moving accounts", but if that ever changes in a future, I'll make an announcement on this Journal, so I won't leave you uninformed. x'D

Edit: Ah, yes, just to clarify, there will be NO PR-related activity on the other account as I have so far decided. Any PR-related art will still come on here - so by all means, if that is your interest, do feel free to stay here :'D
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Sorry about the pointless last entry, let me make up for it with an equally pointless entry x'D

You know one of the many things dA needs badly though? An option to block certain tags/keywords. :'P

(I... just blocked someone i didn't want to block because one of their deviations kept showing up in my "more-like-this", and its content happened to be the thing i couldn't s t a n d seeing ;; even though we were never mutuals, i just want to say i'm sorry ;-; )
Tbch only a non-artist would say "well why didn't you try harder :P" to an artist who is sad because a pic turned out worse than they wanted :U

Either that, or they must be godforsaken geniuses who never ever had problems with their own art
Edit: Thanks for your help guys :'D Replacing the cord didn't work, but I then realized I never tried restarting the computer WITH the tablet still plugged in, so when I tried that, it started working! I'm not sure what difference that made (as opposed to unplugging the tablet before restarting like I always do), but I'm good for now! Hope this will last me at least until March >..<;;

Either my tablet's dead or my laptop is, the comp is barely reading the tablet any more ;u;

I was planning to get myself a new tablet for birthday/Christmas, but the issue would be if it's the problem with the computer, since I can't get that replaced so fast and even if I did, I'd lose my Photoshop along with this laptop x'D

In any case,,, I absolutely NEED to get something worked out before next year rolls over, because 2018 would be a big year for me... in a way ;)

Hey, how many of us saw how the Searing Sunraze Smash was executed

Solgaleo's just being a big ball of solar kitty

(I know in the footage Necrozma's the one using it, but I'm assuming Solgaleo's motion will be similar x'DD)
...I think I found out a reason for my late art drought. xP

I have the urge to draw things that I think I'm not good at, such as action scenes, vehicles, machinery, etc. .-.

So basically I'm hiding from what I want to do because I think it's going to be too hard. Classic Dx EVER.

(Actually, it is very amusing how China, Korea n Japan have their own theme songs while everyone else used the English theme's music P: NOT THAT I COMPLAIN THE INTERNATIONAL CHOICE, I actually way prefer the English theme PPP: )
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...Just kidding. xD I don't have an image xDD In fact I've been wishing to draw my final team... but... ;3;

One thing though, I'm going to make an exception to my "no Legendary" rule this time because reasons xDD

If you have team info you'd like to share, I'm always happy to hear them :D

~~~~~Little Spoiler~~~~~

Also, Nebby liked a Premier Ball :aww:

~~~~~End of Little Spoiler~~~~~
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I think 7th Gen are going to be my last Pokemon game. It will depend on whether they have 4th Gen remake or not.
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Do not look up the Alolan Pokedex xD

Especially about the new Pokemon

Let's just say that a couple of the new Pokemon do something that has never been done before.
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When I was like five there was a documentary show about rescue/emergency services on TV

It was my Arceusforsaken favorite show in every world possible

Like I watched every episode I could catch and if there was any reair I would never miss those either

And these people were my childhood heroes. THE heroes.

...I was doomed all along. xDD


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Let's talk about Ranger Academy headcanons

Or the structure within the Union

Or anything really

Shall we?




I lugged my dinosaur laptop and my tablet all the way to school cause tomorrow's the otp day and I have no time

Only to find out I forgot my tablet pen

*head explodes*
*realizes how many times I used the word 'hate' on a character just to be "hip"* GWaaaaaaaaah *slaps self*

It's actually not easy to make me legit "hate" a fictional character... You'd have to involve something very close at home in order to do that BUT I was making that so pointless by abusing that word. YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO TAKE ME FOR A PROFESSIONAL CHARACTER HATER WAHAHAHAHA x'DDD

...Okay, even though now's actually not the best time to announce this. x'DD (Why? Let's hope I never have to announce THAT....)
from my tumblr.

It seems like a good number of PR fans view Pokemon Rangers and Trainers actually being ideologically competing and dissonant factions or something o: Well, Trainers have starred in one strain of canon games while Rangers did in another. But I think (...and hope) that's not your reason for pitting them against each other (for my lack of a better word). xD My thoughts are not complete, but I think we have a better discussion in this site format than that one can ever hope (cough) so below...

I am someone who finds it hard to believe that Rangers-Trainers relationship is antagonistic or even from different “cultures” so to say. Most Trainers are civilians, and the Rangers are a law enforcement... I see little reason why they’d be in each other’s way so much. Of course, someone who believes in this may come from the premise that “Pokemon Training” is an intrinsically abusive practice, of which I will not necessarily disagree, but yes, I kind of rule that premise out of the equation of this headcanon.

About the “different cultures” part. I do agree that there seem to be regions ruled by the League(or otherwise) versus the Union (details of which may vary). I am yet to determine whether to see these regions being analogous to real-life independent countries (or parts of different countries), but they do seem to be more homogeneous compared to real-life countries, and the interrelations between these regions seem pretty well-established and relatively free. 

And this is where my memory capacity gets busted, but I do not remember seeing a positive evidence that people in the Ranger regions do not “own” Pokemon? All I remember is that Rangers do not own Pokemon. And the Rangers are a single organization. If this is the case, it’s an easy argument that the practice of not carrying Pokemon is more of an organizational policy than a regional culture. I must admit this is where I determined a good chunk of my headcanon about the Trainer-Ranger relationship. (Please point it out if you can prove me wrong here, I’ve just restarted PR1 but haven’t gotten beyond naming Lunick) I think I just find it hard to believe that the Union represents the cultures of the regions beyond being a (part of the) governing body.

(The below is actually from a document on my PC dedicated to the relationship between Union-guarded state(s) and non-Union-guarded state(s). I'm always looking for things to add on there)

- All right, I think the majority fandom view is that their philosophies are competing and dissonant... Anybody have it otherwise? xP

- Not that I have them entirely harmonious to each other. I mean, the main regions' law enforcement are crazy incompetent at its best and I think we can agree that stands contrary to those of the Ranger regions P:
- But if that is the case, what prevents the Union from meddling more in the affairs and efforts of other regions? That is, assuming that they do get involved at all.
- This just points to a less-than-ideal and probably shady side to both the inter-regional relations and each region's self-governing.
- For those of you who have the dichotomous League vs. Union governments, the Union may simply be the weaker state among them and don't have much power outside their own jurisdiction...

...Well, I may sort of have that same dichotomous government idea I guess, except... xP

- Right now I have it that the regions (although likely not each of them) do have their own governing bodies, but they are interdependent on each other, probably more so than real life states.
- Neither the Union nor the League may be the highest authority as I have now. After all, given how most of the regions are based on small parts of rl countries, they may not be very big themselves, and it could be the case that several of these "regions", canon regions or otherwise, belong under one autonomous government.

So thank you if you actually read that all, and please, talk to me! :D Because what better way to spend life than trying to make sense out of any part of the canon they never thought through :heart:
...of the last entry xP

I've been thinking too much about what I don't like lately. Can we talk about what we like to counteract all my negativity? @^@
I hear stories about people being impressed by the XY anime

And I'm just like

These are the same people who were impressed by XY game's ending

The only reason I bring this up is because I backed down from my stance once about this and that fact still bugs me a little. It's very stupid, and it's really just me >.<

And I won't judge your everything if you liked either. Feel free to argue for them, but you probably can't make ME like either of them, just be advised... P: