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“– And please accept my apologies, Wheatley. You should have been dismissed one and a quarter hour ago,” Kellyn said.

Keith rolled his eyes, hunching over Kellyn’s bed to adjust his lights. “It’s after hours, must you really be that way?”

Summer stood up to leave. “It’s not a problem, Mr. Sinclaire.”

“Tomorrow you will report to the Pueltown Base as usual, unless otherwise directed.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The Base is along my way, if you want me to walk you over.” Keith said, holding the infirmary door open. He had gotten a flat in Pueltown not too long ago. “And good job taking him seriously with that bandage on his face,” he winked.

Summer never noticed the said bandage. Before the door closed, Summer took in the last glance. Kellyn sat upright on the bed, absolutely unmoving except for the glide of his pen over the paperwork. There was the huge bandage across his left cheek, but Summer could not notice its comedy.


Keith walked down the street, nearer to the curb, as Summer walked on the inside. He walked ahead of her. Summer suddenly realized that Kellyn would always let her walk on the inside and in front of him. She tried to feel uncomfortable at the realization. She could not. Everybody knew what Kellyn was like. He did not talk or act orthodox; he simply lived one. Her cohorts jokingly bid themselves condolences when she was assigned with him. To be honest, she did not always blame them.

But Keith sort of acted as a buffer in between Kellyn and her. She always liked him – nearly everyone did. Everyone knew, somehow, that he and Kellyn were inseparable. No one knew, exactly how. As far as teamwork went, the duo seemed to let the records speak for them. People sometimes jokingly felt bad for Keith. She did not think people joked with Kellyn.

Still, that Kellyn, Summer allowed herself pertly. He needs to really loosen up. She giggled inwardly. Then she wondered if that was what Keith told himself every day that he spent with Kellyn.

“By the way, Summer, there will be no ‘otherwise direction’ for another week from Kellyn,” Keith said suddenly. “I know he was… inexorable, for the lack of a better word, but you know how he is. You’ve been mostly a fine addition, and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way.”

Summer looked surprised.

“Mr. Sinclaire did say that I will report to the Pueltown Base as usual, Mr. Clark.” She stammered out word-for-word. “I do not take it the wrong way, sir. I hope any fault I have will be called out before it can do actual damage –”

“Stop there,” Keith chuckled. “One Kellyn is enough. Don’t let him rub off of you, Summer – Wheatley – excuse me –” he corrected himself. “– Nope, not that that will ever happen to me,” he muttered, as if amused with himself.

“You said you grew up with him.”

“Graduated from the same class,” Keith corrected. “That was seven years ago.”

“So how long did you know him?” She asked.

“Seven plus two,” he answered.

Summer decided to push the conversation further. This was Keith after all. “I wouldn’t have guessed – you only met when you were ten. And you’re polar opposites.”

“Everybody says that,” Keith sighed. It sounded too dramatic.

“How do you even tolerate each other?” She immediately regretted that jest.

He did not. He looked back with his signature wide grin. “Oh, we don’t. We just let it all hang out. After a while you learn to give up.”

Sunset tailgated the last leg of the rush hour. Summer had missed the timing to laugh at Keith’s comment. Just as she started to feel the silence awkward, he spoke up.

“…Maybe I wouldn’t have guessed it either. If I knew he’d turn out this way.”

“You mean he wasn’t always like this,” Summer questioned.

Keith shook his head. “Hard to believe. You know that crazy Lamont?”

“Who can forget him,” Summer mused, thinking back to the bubbly Principal.

“You know his infamous motto… ‘Smiles go for miles’… no, that’s not it… What the heck,”

“– ‘Never forget to smile’, Mr. Clark,” Summer answered.

“Right. And he was known as the poster boy,” Keith chuckled as usual.

“Mr. Sinclaire?”

“If he wasn’t picking fights with kids who picked on him for looking like a girl.”

“Looked like a girl, I can’t imagine.”

“You can’t. Not now anyways. But he probably did believe that crazy Lamont – can you believe? Thought that with a positive attitude and a bright smile you can win over people-Poké-kind whatever you ran into.”

It seemed to her as if Keith still believed in the crazy Lamont. But she did not interrupt him.

“Then for the short while, growth spurt came. Prime time. He’d drop a smile like something you’d drop, then before I noticed, girls were fawning all over me in order to get to him,” Keith laughed. “Don’t know if they ever succeeded, or if he even noticed, but thankfully that’s over pretty soon,” he shrugged. “Yeap, I think the title of an angel was his all along. But Wheatley, he coulda totally gone down the ladies’ man road. Imagine. –'Cause I can't.” He laughed again.

Summer’s face fell slightly.

“He does need to loosen up,” she uttered.

“So that he could what, smile?” Keith said, smirking.

“Nevermind, sir,” Summer punctuated quickly, silently screaming Why would you ask that, unwilling to lift her face even though she was sure the dusk hid her furious flush. Maybe she spoke too much of her mind. Maybe it was getting dark. It was dark. She trusted Keith – it was not like she didn’t – but maybe it was high time for her to suggest they exchange their salutes. Thankfully, she saw the Base after a block.

“Okay,” she heard simply. Then Summer decided that Keith was genuinely oblivious.

Before leaving her at the Pueltown Ranger Base, Keith made an “ooh” face. “Don’t tell Kellyn that I ever mentioned him and Lamont in the same sentence.”


Keith was almost too informal outside of his duties, for sure. But it managed to be his charm to those who knew him. That was not what hogged Summer’s mind as she lay in bunk.

“Don’t let him rub off of you,” Keith had said, but Summer wondered if it was really something that could just rub onto her. After her parents’ death, the Union had been her life. She knew the many children who were willing and qualified enough to make their misfortune something as sublime as helping people, serving their home, playing heroes. And Lamont was the last bubbly thing many of them saw.

Summer tried to imagine a sullen child of blazing auburn hair and animated eyes. To his side would be his friend, a calm brunet of goofy ‘do, who smiled like the month of May and had the misfortune of being cute as a girl. Heads or tails? Tails. The face of a stone-cold lifesaver. Summer was not good at imagining. For a girl of fifteen years she was too good at too many a thing.

A girl?

A girl. That was what she was. And… just boys, Summer remembered. Just ordinary boys and girls who could have been just talking their ordinary trifling talk. Keith was. Kellyn was. She was.

For Summer, it was unreal.


Keith stood over the counter in his flat’s kitchenette. He pulled the little frame out of the little counter’s drawer. He was certainly not expecting to come across it today. He was certainly not expecting his past self to keep it until today. But it was a good decision. It gave something to decorate the counter.

It will be there when Kellyn comes over. Keith knew Kellyn probably will notice it as something harmless. Kellyn would, even though he did not have to notice it at all. The Kellyn in the picture sported the Ranger School’s uniform with an eleven-year-old’s pride, his full-faced smile pressed against Keith’s own. The Keith outside the picture smiled as well. He was not as happy as they were.

What he told Summer was not entirely accurate. Kellyn had it in him all along. Keith meant the smothering ethics.

Maybe Kellyn has it in him all along. Keith stared at the emerald photo eyes that gazed back at him in blithe abandon.

Not that it mattered to him either way. Did it matter to Kellyn? He did not know. What they both knew was the last person on the earth they would betray. Be thankful, bastard, Keith thought agreeably. After all, who else would you get to argue with? Who would like you, hate you, tell you things regardless of whether you like or hate them? Or taunt you so straight up in that face?

After all, Keith knew all along. Yes, Kellyn had, faces, all right.

A small snicker escaped Keith. But he was not smiling any more. His gaze fell to the floor. He did not catch it.


You knew how to smile all right.
A drabble to go with this picture:

No plot, just some character exposition. Started out decent, then I had to fill in the rest with bad stuff in order to finish it. xD

Pokémon and all related contents ©The Pokémon Company

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vera-san Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
Smiles go for miles...was that a PMD reference? :eyes:

Good job! I like getting some insight on your version of how the Rangers work and their relationships with each other. I'm glad you ended up writing this drabble, I remember when I first saw the picture I thought it would be good to have some writing with it :D

...does Summer maybe like Kellyn? Is there a ship name for that? o:
Aetherya Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:eyes: Yes it was :eyes:

YES THANK YOU And you know what, I ended up writing this in the end because you encouraged that I do ;w;

Also I can't believe you actually caught that 8D I tried to drop in some not-so-obvious hints so that it could be read either way, because I like Kellyn x Summer but at the same time, I really want to keep any romance under control ;u;

(I actually went and submitted the ship name for Kellyn x Summer. It's PrimaveraShipping now~ xD)
vera-san Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
Yay!! I'm so glad you felt encouraged to do it, I like seeing your writing :D

I can definitely roll with Kellyn x Summer, since I don't really ship him with anyone in SoA :P Your hints were very subtle. I probably wouldn't have caught them had I not been reading carefully, so they were definitely not very obvious. I like how it was executed here. I usually don't like really obvious full-blown romance :'D

yooo you named it? Sweet *u*
Aetherya Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think romance in most non-romance narratives are just there to give viewers one more thing to empathize with, because people like such stuff D: Not saying catering to your audience is bad, but - Yep, I admit I personally don't like them either. Especially ones that look as if the author has poured their soul into trying to make them look... romantic. xD They could easily turn sappy when not handled extra-carefully.
I'm... I'm glad you like seeing my writing ;w; :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:

Edit: I obviously ship characters, so I'm definitely not saying I want to see no romance as I go! But at the same time, I probably won't read an unnecessarily romance-laden piece of writing and think "wow, that was a great writing," although I might think "aww, that was pretty cute".

I also imagine romantic things from time to time, just for fun! It's just the matter of whether I want to actually write them out and then share them, because I KNOW that won't work for me >_>
vera-san Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
RIGHT!! Like, the whole love triangle in the hunger games was completely pointless to the main story, so imo it shouldn't have been in there. I'm okay with romance if it feels natural and right with the story but most of the time I'm just like "eh." Just not my cup of tea, I guess. (That's why I didn't completely put Luna and Grey together in FY, though looking back I think I could have made it official and it would have been fine :P) I find platonic and familial relationships far more interesting! I'm glad other people have different interests than me though or otherwise fiction would be SO BORING.

I imagine stuff about characters all the time -- but like you I never write them out xD A lot of the time it's because I know it'd never work or the characterization is terrible because it's just for fun.

I should replay Guardian Signs...I only played it once ;; As much as I loved SoA GS deserves more of a chance aha
Aetherya Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, and yes, and - I'm actually more of a BFF >>>>> OTP person as well, in the way that I... somehow feel that friendship is a higher form of love? xD THAT SOUNDED TOTALLY NAIVE but Idk, it kinda makes sense in a way that the rewards YOU get from a friendship is less... obvious than from a romantic relationship, so that sort of makes it "nobler"... in fictions anyway ;ww;

That, and I don't trust Eros(the sexual love) and Amor(the romantic love) in real life. I think couples need more than that kind of love to survive a long-term relationship. But you're right, different interests enrich fiction and its genres for all of us :'D

I would've replayed GS, so that I could play as Summer if not anything, but I didn't want to lose my WiFi missions that I could never play x'D If I can play games again in the future I shall get a used copy ;u;
vera-san Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
YES!! I hate it when people say 'just friends' (I mean, I'm guilty of it too) but it implies that being friends is a lesser type of relationship when I think friendship should be treasured as its own equal level of relationship. Just because a lot of friendships develop into romance doesn't mean they get 'better', it just means they change into a different type of relationship o: What I like about the PMD series is just how much it values friendship, which of course will be a big part of my story if I get to make it happen :D
Aetherya Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I know that "just friends"/"more than just friends"/yadda is an expression so there's only a few things that could be done, but I don't agree at all with what that expression implies ;c Everything you just said, basically. :D
Aetherya Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here, I could never find him anyone to ship with in SoA (besides Darkrai, who was in a way a last-ditch effort... xD) I don't even know why I want to find him a girlfriend so badly, I think it's because my fangirl mentality wants to have him taken with someone I approve, I'm like his mom omg xDDD

I like Kellyn x Summer because as the protagonist in GS, Summer could be seen as a strong woman AND a chosen one by Arceus, couldn't resist that... x'3

Thank you for the feedback *u* I confess that I did name a number of Pokemon shipping names out there... WHAT DO YOU MEAN I LOOK LIKE A SHIPPER/bricked
hunterN05 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome work on this! :la:
Twas greatness! :clap
Aetherya Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :)
hunterN05 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome :D
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