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Separation of fandom and reality by Aetherya Separation of fandom and reality by Aetherya
Edit: Fixed the wording to minimize confusion.

I will type a proper description and hopefully enable comments once my brain starts to function for the day Done.

Disclaimer: I don't care what your opinion on "yaoi" is (used as the umbrella term here), but this is not meant to be an anti-yaoi stamp. I personally see little reason why it can't be judged as just another genre of romance. Porn? Welp, people have differing opinions on porn believe it or not, and same thing, why can't it be treated as the same damn thing as het porn (or "yuri" porn)?

Disclaimer #2: This is not meant to be a PRO-yaoi stamp either, (AND for the same reasons as above,) but maybe that part is easier to guess from the content. :P

This started out as my thinking about the reason why I try to stay away from being a "yaoi fangirl". The below is my reason.

Have you ever seen those people? Yes, these are the ACTUAL homophobic people. NOT just those hapless fellow fans who happen to not support your choice of fanmade couple.

Those people who dismiss (female) straight allies as "just horny yaoi fangirls". Those who try to argue that people who support sexual minorities are only in it because they are turned on by "gay porns".

(If you didn't know about this, yes, they do exist. They know about you, the young, militant yaoi fangirl. These people are not stupid no matter how much you may wish to believe they are.)

So am I actually willing to listen to them? Do I actually think these people have a point?

I actually do. I must consider their "point", because people do buy into that. If people weren't, they wouldn't be making that point at all.

Why would people buy into that? Because they believe in the "purity of motivation". And yes, when it comes to this issue, I am one of those who believe in this as well.

Yaoi, or BL, started out as sex fantasy BY straight females, FOR straight females. It still remains predominantly so. So I hope we can all agree that it disqualifies as a serious "empowerment" kind of literature.

Let's push aside as less relevant the fact that "straight females" are neither men nor gay. But even so...

I support sexual minorities for MORAL reasons. Yes, I do want the moral high-ground. And where is the MORALITY of using your personal sex fantasy as an argument for supporting minorities?

I don't think there is one.

I don't mean you CAN'T be a supporter if you happen to like yaoi. I do mean I believe you need a better explanation to support people than "oh, they gratify my sex fantasies". Especially when you are facing fierce oppositions.

Because getting so riled up about characters IS all about your own fantasies. Realistically, it doesn't do anything to help the cause. It is likelier to hurt it if anything.

If that doesn't make sense to you, think about a male feminist who happen to watch pornography with women in it. You may or may not think that he is "qualified" as a feminist ally, but he can't be arguing that his liking the porn somehow augments his qualifications as a feminist.

I will continue to consciously stay away from being a BL fan. If you won't do the same, I at least suggest you separate your fandoms from this real-life issue.

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June 7, 2015
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