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The Smouldering Ring

This picture is one that I made in Photoshop. I think it is cool and original, and was quite proud of it.This is an effect I was trying to get, making the ring seem like it is "burning". I tried to establish a dark and gloomy atmosphere, which seemed to be created.
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I like everthing about this one. What do you use to do this kind of work?
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I got to your page from the Tool Project page, and decided to have a look at your gallery. This caught my eye the moment I saw it. This was your first submission, right? This is damn amazing. Simple, but effective, and to me, it has a message.
The layout reminds me of ~zeruch's Ouroboros series, which I just loved! I also adopted my interpretation for this piece from the same series. The ring represents some kind of cycle. The overall dark theme tells me it's negative cycle in some way. Something what would rather not happen. The fact the ring is burning indicates the same thing. Maybe the burning is about the mind corroding effect of the cycle. The blurry background is really mysterious, in a good way. It is dark, but it still has one light streak, a sign of hope maybe?
I might be overinterpreting, but damn, I just happen to like stuff like this. Great job!
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Haha, yeah all my stuff is like that. Wait till I upload some of my other stuff. You guys will probably think I am disturbed or something lol.
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It is wierd!