[ Q U E S T . A R C H I V E S ]

(( All plot and quests, completed and ongoing, will be listed in this entry for easier navigation and browsing of the guild's past history and adventure.

Character Routes (a.k.a. "ravaging your soul and destroying people" plot, dubbed in the honor of marchabun) are quest events where the plot solely revolves around the development of a character.

Story Arcs are quest events where the plot vastly involves its surrounding, people, place or objects, and each character involved will be able to influence the direction of its development and changes.

While character routes will happen in respective turns, the story arc may take place whenever, which means it will not get in the way even if a character route is ongoing. This way story arcs will be able to keep everyone occupied if they aren't engaged in a character route.

A character route may also stem out from the Story Arc. For example, since the Shadows Arc mainly revolves around Schwarzwald Republic, the character routes that are connected to Rekenber or Yuno Government are branched from this Arc.

:new: As of April 11th 2013, those who contributed in completing a quest log and hosted character routes will be rewarded upon the completion of the quest log. Guild reputation points will still be distributed normally to everyone that participated in the events. ))

Quest Template: fav.me/d5x5ari

"Weave your tale and come fill this book,

Where time will deliver it towards the distant future,

whether to be heard by the young and the old--

or to be unheard, yet still a memory that lived..."

[ C H A R A C T E R . R O U T E S ]

Skellig's Route
    :bulletblack: Urðr | Status: Closed | Log: Completed

Lindell's Route
    :bulletred: Scarlet Trails | Status: Closed | Log: Completed

Alixis' Route
    :bulletwhite: Lost Memory | Status: Closed | Log: Incomplete :star-empty:

Zaine's Route
    :bulletorange: Hopeless Plight | Status: Closed | Log: Completed

Erroll's Route
    :bulletpink: Rekindling Light | Status: Closed | Log: Incomplete :star-empty:

[ S T O R Y . A R C S ]

The Emerald Mage Arc
    :bulletgreen: The Wonders of Wind | Status: Closed | Log: Completed

Shadows of Black Forest Arc
    :bulletblack: Dawn of Chaos | Status: Closed | Log: Completed

Twilight on the Dunes Arc
    :bulletyellow: Awakening Sandstorm | Status: Closed | Log: Completed

Dragon's Tempest Arc
    :bulletred: Schisms | Status: Ongoing | Log: Incomplete :star-empty:

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