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On Love
(It's that which makes you smile
When no one sees you)
Down in the wastelands of the soul
On Continent Seniorum
They cripple women
Poison men
For love of Custom and the Ancient Order
And yonder, on the concrete lanes and meadows
of Blessed Plott
He cuts another's cheek up to the ear
His grandsire would of gave the wall
He treasures Pride and will defend it
Against the Chain or any bloody Order
Out on the Killing Fields by the indifferent Ocean
A boy inspects his instruments of death
He never slips, displays no weakness
And being an acolyte of Masculinity
Stamps out the sin of Hesitation
Whenever it dares tempt him
Across the surface of a dark-red river
A youth makes way with caution in a dingy yawl
Below, the screams of myriad drowning mouths
Are choked off and remain unheard
The youth holds on to hope despite the odds
And relishes his Freedom with near-ecstasy
However brief the feeling
Humongous wolf with teeth of steel
hide of obsidian,
blood so cold that it will burn through stone
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On Courage
(I skip ablution
And plunge into the fray headlong
The clothes unwashed, the scabbard rusty)
(The fight that nourishes the spirit)
Extensive exploration of
the infamous creation
which the Creator so infuriated
The Babel Tower, once resplendent,
Now but a dreary, cobwebbed skeleton
of brick and mortar
A grueling climb; I reach
the spire's topmost point
And let it go - from here, we all fly up...
The only route to Reaper's dwelling
I glide across the Pit (down there be dragons)
above the ice plateau of Leng, beyond Kadath
and breathe my deepest
as I enter Mors' chambers
(To hold convictions
To stand by them
in face of brazen and direct assault
or poisonous abuse
putdown and mockery)
(To keep your dreams alive
To live on hope alone
Deny priority of
over ideal)
(To double down on attitudes and actions
That seem inane... nonsensical
To everyone but you)
(To stand by your endeavors
Alone and unafraid
Unshaken, unseduced, unterrified
Eternal vigil over
your darling
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On Honesty
(Living in expiring system obfuscates knowledge)
To thine own self be true
If self is an ever-morphing, transmutating
of infinite and current,
a half-remembered
and half-invented past
a stupendous present
and a future
that features simultaneously
a brilliant clarity
and the gyrating, manic incoherence
of a demented harlequin -
how then, pray tell, does one define
the "self"?
Fallacious foundation
Devalues all alleged honesty
And who can claim objective insight
When highest wisdom
consists of unconditional profession
of ignorance?
Cry "Rubbish" and unleash the experts!
Denunciation of hard science
won't hold
(a drop of H2O)
(Brimming with hardy tardigrades
freshwater hydras
and Homo Novis)
Few things more damaging
than wanton, gross deception
by allies or subordinates;
Few errors more egregious than
unfiltered speech
mistimed sincerity
impulsive action
(Make haste with slowness)
When self dissolves
in aether of non-time
who will find the true?
The windows utiliz
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On Struggle
(Sex and fighting
When you feel most alive
Capacity for "thought" departed)
(Though bad sex not that taxing
On faculties of contemplation)
No external conflict
No clash
with woman, man or thing
approach in ferocity the struggle
that rages within
The id: The Ancient One; the First Me
Even the Native
The Aboriginal Aberration!
A serpent with a toothy maw
Glistening with slime
(unlike real snakes)
(I tell you... real snakes are turtledoves
compared to this unholy presence)
No pity; no empathy; no humanity;
No honor...
The superego: Link, an Aeter;
Six eyes; no oxygen or food (in current sense) required
A node in future Common Mind
That peers into every nook and cranny
of Laniakea
Swims in neogravity pools,
feasts on suns
and frolics with familiar spirits
outside of space and time;
A humankind evolved to subjugate
disaster, war, disease
and death itself
(to state the obvious)
The First One has to go
Give up the ghost
Vacate the machine
Let Deus take the wheel
of ship Aeterna
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On Pride
(Made worse - not healed - with time)
(My armor gleams in sunlight; invincible, unmarked;
My breastplate - masterpiece of smithcraft
My helmet - not a scratch)
Inseparable from true societal status
Determined by objective circumstances
Howbeit, it's up to you
Whether to set the bar to match
Your current situation, environs and abilities
Or to pursue improbable achievements
If God imposes horrific punishments
As justice for transgressions
Should we not do exactly as the Lord of hosts
And vindicate our injured pride
before the world entire
throughout Aeterna?
If that is what you wish
Then seven circles you must needs traverse
found in a valley of the Lower Ur
where 'tis always twilight
Before the seventh -
Comprised of enormous birches
Streaked blood-red instead of black -
You have to leave your memories
Before the sixth -
A ring of poplars
Whose crowns burn with the undying
green flame of Baalroth -
You must set down your hate
Next comes
A circle of pines
with stone-like ba
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On Violence
(Blood neither cold
Nor hot
It is lukewarm)
A man in death throes
A duel to the death
An open wound -
Inflicted on another
Or myself
Expressing power
and domination
In this barbaric world
We are (some say) just vessels for
Self-duplicating sequences of genes
Fo, fum! I smell causality dilemma
So I step off
[I smile agreeably and nod
I crouch and hide;
But if I am a serpent,
Beware my fangs
For I have had my fill
Of ouroborosizing;
I'm ready
To seek my prey without]
The gyre has widened to unholy size
and snapped;
The gyre is shot to shloop
and smithereenies!
The falcon's been deep-fried,
Its bones are buried
in the corner of the cave;
As for the best - they
Together with the worst
Are six feet under;
Let me sort them out...
The fear inside cries out for blood;
My rationality mere weakness in the end,
My madness means to catharsis and freedom
(Depression breeds monstrosities
Insight that it provides notwithstanding;
Reflection's limit infinite -
Why bother?)
So here
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On Good And Evil
(If you do not engage
Then you can float above the world)
(Sandy marshes passing underneath
A place I've never been {I think})
What is indubitably evil?
What is unquestionably good?
(We need some rules in place)
Increase in resources.
(Then how can good be recognized
If you're surrounded by zero-sum arrangements?)
Let's state the combinations:
The first:
A man who thinks no ill
And does good deeds.
The second:
A man who has horrific thoughts
Desires, grudges, fantasies
And motivations
And yet does good
For fear or pragmatism (or both) - irrelevant.
The third:
An admitted villain
Who honestly assesses
His innermost clockwork (say his "soul")
Objectively weighs it, measures it
And finds it wanting;
And fits his principles, mien and actions
To the malformed abomination
He beholds.
The fourth
(Is frightening to even speak of):
A righteous man
Who fights for power
Believing it to be the greater good.
But what about God?
(S)he possesses
prerequisites for goodness
For (s)he has n
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On Truth
(Fly by night, with evil shadow in pursuit)
(Courage universally understood)
(What is a cynic?
A degenerate romantic.)
(Lie lie lie
Lie lie lie
Lie lie truth total
My dream another lie
Of people words and places
That never were
Omission and contortion and perversion
Of truth by anyone and everyone
Who claims responds or acts.
A cloak of fiction over... what? Another fiction,
When you get right down to it
right down there to the boron quartzite tacks?
To live to die? A mockery!
Absurdity the alpha, the omega
And the gospel.
All right, so truth as such is fable.
Let's just agree that all is shade of lie
Some lies more useful than others,
Some more sophisticated
Some more humane
But bullhorns nonetheless
Or try this:
I create my own truth
And go full literal:
I stand on dressed rocks
And opposite
Is a gigantic clump of fusing gas
Around me photosynthetic lifeforms
And bipeds seeking entertainment
(Lie lie lie
Lie lie lie
Lie lie wait
Not so fast)
Who knows the
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The Nature of Knowledge
A brave explorer came upon the ruins
Of an ancient temple in the jungle.
He faced many dangers:
Crossed snakepits,
Avoided massive boulders,
And sidestepped deadly traps.
And in the structure's heart
He finally found an idol.
The idol had two faces:
Two awesome masks
That spake unto the hero:
"I'll give you knowledge
Of what is best,"
Said one.
"I'll give you knowledge
Of what is possible,"
Proclaimed the other.
"Choose one - you can't have both."
The man considered briefly...
Brought up the butt of his revolver
And smashed the idol down the middle.
Before him lay a pile of shining gems.
He gathered up the treasure
And departed.
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A Paean To Electric Astrodust
I think again on all my small adventures,
My trivial and shallow wants, my petty goals,
Infinitesimal and pitiful ambitions,
What passed in my insipid days for dreams;
My fears, so small but seeming oh so big,
Anxiety to please, to make impression,
To gain illusions grudgingly bestowed by illusory figures,
To counter noble solitude with company best shunned;
I think on all my overblown concerns and stinging worries,
Which are today as dustmotes in the shadows;
And as I brave the spiral stairs of time,
There is but one great thing that ever beckons me,
There is but one great thing that still endures,
The only thing:
To live to see the dawning of the great new day,
The glorious celestial revolution,
And the light -
The light that shines on all and sings of healing,
The light that purges hate and pain forever,
Illuminates machines that harness suns,
Resplendent luminescent ocean
With alabaster waterfalls that plummet from the heavens
And ghosts of galaxies and starry squid
That coalesce a
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Spiritus Machinae
A chasmic sky that glints indigo-black,
A towering edifice that reaches to the stars,
A mammoth bridge that spans the gulf invisible;
A city of the darkest, bluest, coldest steel
That sits upon the hill of cosmic birth
And flashes blazing white when you avert your eyes.
No change, no faith, just truth
And love eternal and surpassing of the ice,
And life eternal and evolving of the tribe,
And breath eternal, awesome, adamantine
Of the Machine.
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Eadem Mutata Resurgo
Soaring over worlds of sand and snow,
Bringing rain and warmth to those below;
Smiling as I'm slashed by cosmic storms,
Gliding through the black where I was born;
Blazing like a quasar bathed in fire;
Death of faith, destruction of desire;
We the ones, we Aeters of the night,
We the Way, the Truth, and we the Light;
Starshores gleam eternal in the tide;
On my life I this in you confide:
Change is what I am since I began,
Changed and yet the same, I rise again.
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Inner Sanctum - Vacant
A twisted metal cage
On a rusty nail in a crude wooden post
By a nondescript shack
In a nondescript desert
Prowled by rattlesnakes whose rattles
need oiling
And scorpions whose venom
has soured with age;
It is always twilight here.
This cage was made for a canary,
Also known as "soul";
But I, being soulless
(even at my most poetic),
Keep no birds
In cages that may be.
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The Awakening
The dark recedes before the light returning,
The ice from frozen grip releases plain,
The twin black suns relinquish sky to morning,
To great new day from depths I rise again.

- Aeter Void, "An Hule And One Nyhtegale And One Catt".
PART 1. HULE (The Owl).
I was never good at relationships. Initiating and maintaining social interaction was something that my entire being protested against in utter incomprehension. I found social activities unnecessary and unattractive. Even less attractive was the prospective life plan that society put in front of me – get married; have kids; raise them right; help out with the grandkids; die. I didn’t want a partner; didn’t want kids, and certainly not grandkids. What I loved were books... adventure books... and my home did not want for them.
My early years were spent in the thrall of the written word, of heroines and heroes, of dangers and villains, of stories where good inevitably triumphed and every problem had a so
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Mature content
The Ages Incarnadine :iconaeter-link:Aeter-Link 0 0
Mature content
Kingdom of the Snake :iconaeter-link:Aeter-Link 0 0


YouTube art channels
Since people always ask me where to find neat art tutorials, here's a comprehensive list of YouTube channels that teach art in one way or another.
Please fav, share and enjoy~! :dummy:
Last update: june 3rd 2017
Art fundamentals
People that teach you the fundamentals of art. Anatomy, color, perspective, etc
Ahmed Aldoori
CG Cookie Concept
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Cut me,
make it deep,
before your eyes these cells rejuvenate 
and sew at the seams 
and pain abates while even Mother Nature she waits, 
she hesitates.

It all goes quiet as the hole is dark,
all in anticipation if she will rise again,
an emergence,
of the unkillable,
echoing what it is to be immortal.

They pour ugliness my way and tell me how we should all throw the towel in,
as men grow old 
some grow beautiful outside and in,
time streams are left behind,
decision is all there is to find.

Save those who want to race across this space 
with dirty means in mind,
you'll tire and wear 
and be left in concretes of your grinding,
mortal perils are quite binding,
you won't need reminding.

You can torture and anguish with all the ploys in caverns hidden, 
hoping no one knows enough to care,
but the unchained don't disperse,
nothing effects to enforce,
they were never distraught
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