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Anna-Maria Manners/Orati
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
TLDR; Anna-Maria Manners / Female / 18 / Bi / Uni Student / Loves food way too much / Is tired all the time / Gets sick way more than I'd like to / did I mention I love food? :heart:


Hello! My name is Anna-Maria, and I am an 18 year old Games Art and Design student at Norwich University of the Arts. I love to draw, play video games, role-play, cosplay, eat good food and spend time with friends. Thanks for looking at my account! Have a nice day! If you have any questions please don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm chill as hell. :aww:

My Redbubble shop~ (button is attached with a link)

Personal website:…


Best friends in real life! :meow:
:iconellbellks: :iconmellowforests: :iconpinkguitars: :iconsomething3399:

Amazing friends from college! :heart:
:iconthatfreakinspace: :icongenerationko: :iconswnut224: :iconsupimloryen:

Most awesome friend on the internet! :dummy:

Drawings made for me that I love...

Carolina by BlueBell-Sumi Drawn by :iconbluebell-sumi:

RQ - Shadow Demon by Pegalynx Drawn by :iconpegalynx:

All Detailed Style Commissions by DemiseMAN Drawn by the incredible :icondemiseman:…

New icon By neko-niki by AetasRazael134 Drawn by the lovely :iconneko-niki:

Christian Hunter - AetasRazael134 Gift by CheekyDrawingGirl Poke - Christian and Maddox by CheekyDrawingGirl Drawn by the great :iconcheekydrawinggirl: / :iconthatfreakinspace:

Angel Hunter (Drawn by PosyPrince) by AetasRazael134 Christian Hunter (Drawn by PosyPrince) by AetasRazael134 Drawn by the awesome :iconposyprince:

[COMMISSION] Christian Hunter by SatiricalKat Drawn by :iconsatiricalkat:


Merry Christmas!!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 25, 2017, 5:36 AM
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a lovely festive time and a very happy new year - I wish you all the best and stay safe! Try not to eat too much turkey (although I should really practice what I preach, hahah)!! :heart: 

Lots of love, 

Anna-Maria xx :dummy:  


Ruin of the Elysian Mind
"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts."  

A late birthday present to my dear friend :iconthatfreakinspace:! Apologies for that! Been rather inactive recently due to moving back home and everything. But here you go sweetie! :heart: This is her beautiful character Jake Clawfield, whom I love so much! He's adorable! Go check out her page, she makes awesome artwork and animations. Love ya, hahah :aww: xx 

Still practising with painting and experimentation - any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you! 
Chase Hunter
A quick sketchy drawing of my OC Chase Hunter, from an alternate universe :iconthatfreakinspace: and I created. He loves ice cream, hates cucumbers, is whiny but adorable and has epilepsy. He tries his best :heart: Still trying to get back in the swing of things after feeling really unmotivated, but oh well, hahah, I'll get better ^^; I also plan to cosplay him :) 

More art of the boi in case you're curious beans: 

Transformed Chase big by AetasRazael134
Thomas Cadwell
Hi everyone! Finally I am back! Year 1 of university is over, and that means I can do more drawings and paintings for a while! Here is a headshot (and slight redesign) I painted of my fairly new character, Thomas (or Tom) Cadwell. He's a quarter mystic and has the ability to blend into the environment (turn invisible, I suppose) and make himself appear human, hiding his markings, claw-like nails and lynx-like ears. I may eventually offer this sort of headshot painting thing as a commission option to you guys. 

More coming soon! Let's go summer! :heart: 

Tom's theme songs (will be updated over time):
Bang Bang (Kaleo Cover)
All Night (Andru)
HAZARD (university game project)
Oh? What's that? I'm working on a game? Damn right! Hahah, well, kind of! :) Lemme explain..
I'm a games art and design student at univeristy. My final deadline is next week, and as part of it I am submitting a prototype of a 3D sidescroller of this game I called 'Hazard' (teased it in an older artwork of a character who has a shirt with the same logo). This is the title screen for the game, with a space at the bottom for the 'play' button. I made a 3D model of the main character in Maya and the setting and mechanics in UE4, and although the game isn't too pretty right now, it's mostly playable at this point (just one level). Still working hard on it and hope to show more progress soon! 

Synopsis: The year is 3018. Earth is gone. Humans are no longer existent on this new world and artificial intelligence has dominated - although old scriptures tell of secretive cases of humans uploading their consciousness to robots they have created centuries ago. A sentient blue-eyed robot in a world that appears utopian and beautiful but is falling apart lives under a core ‘big brother’ figure, the huge robotic eye watching and controlling everything society is doing, plaguing the land it occupies. Our main protagonist, CHR15-347, is also falling apart among the electric flowers that grow. His rebellion against the great red eye causes a great collapse and panic in society's totalitarian structure. 'Big brother' is always watching, and sends out an army of possessed enemy robots known as the 'Crimson Guard' to attack CHR15-347 to shut him down for good. Determined to fight back for what the world used to be, he uses their bolts and broken parts to repair his body on his epic journey.  
The Soothsayer: Model Sheet
Hi guys! Just some old uni work to make up for the lack of artwork at the moment because, as I say - uni is keeping me busy XD I'm trying my best though. Things are in the works. Will be able to show more soon. 
This was some concept art based on a project of a folk tale called 'Mercy and the Hunters of the Green Lake'. This was a model sheet I was required to make along with other concept art of my interpretation of the soothsayer character. I was given an old American theme as well, and I experimented and ultimately went with a native American interpretation. Results of that project were good! Here's hoping that the new project now will go alright - doing my best! :heart: 


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Oh my god you have made my day with your comments! Thank you so much! ;O; I'm glad that it's apparent, I learned more at uni (which is going great by the way :D ) and I try to apply what I've learned. Again thank you Prince, I really appreciate your feedback :heart: 
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