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were!Yosuke Reference Sheet by AestheticCannibal were!Yosuke Reference Sheet by AestheticCannibal

Alright, so I finally finished my were!Yosuke reference! It’s a little sloppy (sorry ‘bout my writing) and I omitted some things I could have added in, but I’m pleased nonetheless. This goes with i0n4's vamp!Souji reference sheet right here!
vampire souji au by i0n4

☆ Constantly smells like dog, subtly for the most part, but noticeable enough (to him) for him to feel self-conscious about. Scrubs at skin a lot in hopes of getting rid of the smell, and in turn causes minor wounds. His nose is very sharp, which is what leads him able to smell out the pig’s blood that Souji drinks for lunch. 
☆ Paired with my self-harm headcanon for my normal Yosuke, were!Yosuke has even more reason to self-harm. A secret as big as this in a town that loves to spread rumors gives him even more fear and self-doubt than ever before, and makes him doubt that he’d ever be able to romantically connect with anyone. This causes his feelings for Saki and Souji to feel even more confusing and out of reach.
☆ Feels constantly and irrationally hungry. Despite depression and anxiety making him feel too sickly to eat at times, he eats a lot more than anyone else, and Souji goes as far as to make two bento boxes for lunch. One for “him” and the other for Yosuke, in which Yosuke gets both once up on the roof.
☆ Before Souji knew about his secret, Yosuke tried to cover for his dog smell and the scratches on the wall of his home as him actually owning a dog. The dog he stated to having was an Akita named Kichiro. 
☆ He misses a day of school before full moon, because he feels ill and needs to be put on lock down before the night itself. He then skips two more days to recover, because he is very sore and sick. To cover for that, he states he has a very weak immune system. Souji begins to catch on, as it occurs every month, for the same amount of days and around a full moon. 
☆ His instincts are both strong in human and animal respects, and he is more temperamental. It’s hard to break him from moods, regardless of what they are (EX: excitement, anger, sexual, etc.) 
☆ Has a lot of pent up energy, and is rather quick on his feet when in the TV world, or attempting club sports. He is much stronger than a normal human, but can just as easily get hurt. 
☆ Canine teeth are much thicker than normal, and if asked about them, he “acts” self-conscious and proclaims that it’s just genetics. No one would think twice about it. 
☆ Sheds like crazy, especially when full moon gets closer. 
☆ Souji, Yosuke’s father and Dojima (much later), are the only ones to know his secret.

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