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This group is a place for like minded people to meet, exchange ideas, theorise, and generally raise our aesthetic awareness. The last few years has seen an explosion of interest in digital art. Much of this has been driven by huge growth in the computer games industry. An inevitable consequence of this has been that games and mass media in general has been a huge influence on the style of artists; professional and amateur alike.

Where else do we look for inspiration? How can we put a proud stamp of distinctness and dare I say, originality on our work? In order for our work to stand out from the crowd, I would argue that we need as broad a range of source material as possible.

I've been in the games business for about 14 years, and have seen many portfolios that are indistinguishable from each other. Art directors invariably dismiss these out of hand, and employ the artists who draw inspiration from a variety of unexpected sources.
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There's nothing I like more than a loose impressionistic treatment, with finer detail confined to the areas of most interest. Often, I feel that an overabundance of detail can disrupt the natural flow of a painting. I'll not be naming and shaming of course, but will pass on some wise words spoken by an artist I and an small army of fans respect very much, Craig Mullins

I'm paraphrasing here, but the gist of what he had to say on the mysterious art of matte painting was this. That when every square inch of the painting is laden with detail and painstaking clarity, the illusion is lost. Our area of focus is quite narrow, and much of what we 'see' to our immediate left and right and in the middle distance is very indistinct. Why should this be any different in our artwork?

I'm looking forward to your scorn and ridicule. Go on then, shoot me down in flames. Do your worst! :)

Hey folks,

I think I've worked out why the submissions are acting up. From what I can gather, if you submit another deviant's work, it needs to be approved by them (this takes time I guess) If you submit your own stuff it should fly straight through.

So far, that's been my experience. If you guys know different, gimme a holler.

your humble servant

I thought it might be a useful excercise to create these group projects. The idea is to simulate some of the real workplace conditions you might encounter. Here, I or another admin in the role of project leader or art director will suggest a topic for an illustration. You guys gather reference material in the project folder, and the project begins.

The idea here is to work to another person's design brief. This is a great way to work outside our comfort zones. As this is the first entry for this group, and I'm kinda feeling my way around unfamiliar territory, I think it'd be best not to set a time limit. At least not on this first project.

OK, the subject of the first project is.......REVOLUTION! It can be an environment, key moment illustration, a character, vehicle, anthing! So long as it embodies the word. My favourite entries get featured on my page, and major asspats from everyone else. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

SUBMIT YOUR REFERENCE MATERIAL HERE aesthetic-pioneers.deviantart.…
and final works in the gallery section here aesthetic-pioneers.deviantart.…
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