tattoo apprenticeship?! no way!

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Yes way!

So check this out, y'all. Those of you who have known me a while probably know that I've been trying on and off for at least a hundred years to find a tattoo artist who not only wants to take me on as an apprentice, but is someone I would want to apprentice under in a shop that was clean and comfortable enough for me to work in.

Well, it finally happened. A new shop opened up in the town next to mine, and the artist there is a funny, talented guy who actually cares - he doesn't just tattoo everyone who comes in. He's totally okay with telling someone he won't do something he thinks is a bad idea even if it costs him a sale. He also sees how dedicated an ambitious I am, and how much I already respect him, as well as how willing I am to do this the right way. Which is of course whichever way he wants it to go.

The shop owner is negotiating a work study exchange with me, and the artist just needs a thousand down for permits. They have both already said they like me and want me to succeed. Everything is awesome.

So like everyone else on the internet I made a fundraiser page for that thousand dollars.  Here!…

I've already started on the shop's website.  It's here: .... and you can look at Nick's gallery there too.

Later today I'll be posting some of the drawings nick already had me do. I have more homework this weekend too. Whew!


Ps. This in no way means that I won't be able to do the commissions I owe - on the contrary I now have designated hours in which I'm supposed to be drawing, so I'll probably get to them quicker!
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OMG, congrats! I hope you can get it together soon! :> I just donated.
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Thank you sooooo much omg <3