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I really, really, really like Hellraiser.

I hate gold paint pens that die in the middle of a border.

[edit] fixed some things. much better now.
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Wow it soo looks like the stained glass in mediaeval churchs. Any chance of you doing more in this fashion, maybe some of the human characters in hellraiser?
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He's gorgeous. Reminds me of some mediaeval icons and old stained glass windows. Beautiful.
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Oooh, that's really nice. I like the soft look that does go to him, because it makes that quote more believable. That's awesome, and I love detail.
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I really like that you went for pretty (kinda) rather that gruesome. I think it suits him better. Why does art nouveau go so well with Pinhead? Why?

Anyway, I like the composition a lot.
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That's really well done. Amazing stuff. I love the stylised look of it and the way you've made the lament configuration into a halo - it totally brings to mind the "...angels to others" quote. All the different colours in his 'black' outfit are incredible as well as the scratchy texture of the material. It looks like it could be a stained glass window. Very cool! :D
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:omg: This rules. I LOVE Hellraiser. I LOVE Pinhead. And I LOVE this. Your work here is phenomenal, my friend. :+favlove:

I wish this were a print.:sniff:
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Dayum. That came out so fucking AWESOME. :heart:
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ROCK!!!! HELLRAISER! dude that kicks so much ass it's bleedin'! on the note of the pens, i whole heartedly agree
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Oooh, Hellraiser fanart! :3 I really like Hellraiser too, and you've done a really good job of drawing Pinhead. All those patterns and things in the background are really neat too. :heart:
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I don't wanna be a pinhead no more
I just met a nurse that I could go for
I don't wanna be a pinhead no more
I just met a nurse that I could go for
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You win EVERYTHING Tony!
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I really love the colour work on this one, Tony. It's quite luminous.
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Dude, this turned out great!
::wants to see it in person::
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daaaaamn. never thought i'd see Hellraiser fanart in my time. awesome work. Pinhead rules all.
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:omg: The detailing work you have done is extremely wonderful. I love this picture, everything on it is done perfectly!
I never really liked Hellraiser, but I loved that needled dude. =P He looked pretty cool to me.

:+fav: For this is a brilliant piece of art.
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*bows down to pinhead*

I'm glad you made the decision for this one. it turned out well.
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Lord but he looks beautiful I AM OFFICIALLY WEIRD AS FUCK. :heart:
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omg..that's awesome on so many levels. :D
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Damnit Tony, stop being godly... :heart: :fav: :heart:
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Yay!!!! *faves* There really needs to be more Pinhead art out there!
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I love the detail on his head... very dramatic. :O
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Gorgeous, amazing amount of detail : ) Beautiful
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