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Saint Applejack

By aesiraven
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I finished this today at the Farmers' Market. I am SO HAPPY with it and I can't wait to finish the rest of the set!

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It may be old, but this is still a great little painting.
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Would it be at all possible for this to be used as the cover art for something I'm writing? I think it would fit the premise very well.
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Felt you should know, I shared this artwork on reddit here:

It's a wonderful work of art, and I thought others would like to see it.
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Wow, really well done and looks like its actually on old canvas. Great work
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Wow. Just wow. Please tell me this got put up on EQD.
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I have a few things to say. 1st off, I wanna say I love this picture with all my heart <3 partly because I have a huge crush on Applejack. 2nd off, I wanna say this picture is especially near and dear to my heart because I am a devout Catholic. As a matter of fact, I am considering the Franciscans; I spent some time at the friary yesterday as a matter of fact ^_^ If you don't mind, I would like to save this picture to my computer
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(\ I think you may know me very well ;)
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This reminds me of the cards in Shining Force on the GBA.
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Patron Saint of Best Ponies...
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This is so beautiful! I definitely would buy a print of this.
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Thanks! :D I'm working on a full set of the mane six, and I'll be doing art card sets of them. Hopefully I won't take forever finishing ... I forgot how long it takes me to work in acrylic!
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not bad, though the text should say honesty
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This is really cool!
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I always am happy to see traditional art pieces over at EQD's drawfriends. hee Saint Applejack, Saint of Apples. She looks like she's dressed as a Franciscan.
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I was thinking fransiscan, yes! I'm doing a whole set of the mane 6 in catholic prayer card style like this. I plan on making printed sets of them, maybe tossing them up on etsy. Also, hooray! My first EQD drawfriend!!
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This is really fantastic. I love the style and colors.
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"And on the 5th day, the Lord said: Let there be apples"

"And there were apples"

"And they were good"
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very nice work here. good detail
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That looks very nice, great job =)
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