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Paladin and the Demon

"With uncommon courage, she faces off the deadliest spawn from the depths of the underworld, her body protected by her blessed armor and her arm guided by her blade of power."

She's the paladin from one of the previous sketches I did: [link] . I like the armor design, and was looking for a chance to depict it in color. A bit unfinished, but, eh, here it is.

This piece was one of the 15 chosen entries to be showcased in the CGOverdrive 2006 convention just held in Singapore ([link]). (The version I submitted is even more unfinished than this, so it was pretty lucky it got in. But I'm not complaining :XD: ...Just hope it doesn't become negative publicity! )
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one fierce paladin lady you got there man .. i like this a lot ! :thumbsup:
holypaladn's avatar
Your art is beautiful ^^. Gotta love the paladin. Amazing job.
NocturnalVampire's avatar
Stunning! Excellent work!
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awesomeness. I love the armor and the power sword. Great Job!
Alcamin's avatar
Great picture! Great detail on the armour and sword. The demon looks great too. The sense of movement and drama is really effective as well. Nice job! :)
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Hm, anatomywise, the paladin's neck seems to be way forward, or too think, I dunno. Just relative to the way the shoulder and arm are placed in the foreground looks like the neck should be farther back...

Awesome work as always and keep it up (^-^)!
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Is this 2D? 'cuz it looks like 3D to me! Mostly the girl: The flesh, the hair and the armor. The shapes are really well defined. The monster looks more painterly but again, with some 3D shapes. Just a thuoght.
I love the way you did the lightning and the sword =)
Aerythes's avatar
Yeah, I ran out of time and didn't manage to paint some texture on the demon skin. The hair is also unfinished. I really need to learn to paint faster :P
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:o did you attend CG Overdrive? I went there too xD

nice work :) I really like the flame effect
Aerythes's avatar
Haha, I meant to attend it on sunday, but due to something I've to do at home, I didn't go in the end. Did you attend the seminars?
MeganeRid's avatar
too bad :(

yea, I attended the the seminars, bought the student bulk tickets with 4 of my friends xD
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:wow: That palladin looks awesome!
Great armour & pose!
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more rare sweetness
imafo's avatar
Very well done.great job!
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I love the shading on the metal & textures. awesome pic! :D
sidan's avatar
Cool... just how many eyes does the dragon has? :shocked:
tikeo's avatar
Sweet. Is the metal dull or reflective? (I'm just wondering.)
Aerythes's avatar
Somewhere in between, I guess...
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Very nice, and a suitably demonic demon as well. Usually people just draw a manky looking person with horns and a tail but for demons surely weird is good and this one is really weird:thumbsup:
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