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DoM - Cecile



Finally! The fourth and last of this series! She is Cecile of my project DoM - Dream of Me.

I'm not actually happy with the colouring result. Would love to see someone else do a better job! :D

DoM - Cecile - lineart by AerynDiana

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Age/Sign: 23, Sagittarius 
Role: lover, friend through thick and thin 
Totem Animal: Horse 
Colors: Purple/Yellow

Cecile by Dropdeadcoheed  DianaHold Commission: Cecile by UlaFish

Passionate, fiercely loyal, sexy, rebellious, fun, outspoken, a tease. Tends to either be loved or hated by people. In social situations she would be among the loudest, but in formal situations she will keep it professional and keep detached almost and under the radar. Except lately, since the loss of a valued member of her team, she's been having a harder time keeping her temper in check. She can sense that things are going to shit, which stands in conflict with her drive to keep her people safe.
She comes from a broken family, being the result of an affair her mother had. She therefore fights to keep her replacement family (friends and team) alive and well. Outside of that she has commitment issues. Her totem animal would be a horse. Element: Fire.

Commands the beta team, has great focus on the battlefield. Her gifts are those of agility (major), as well as strength and speed (minor). Long range fighter. She commands her team from the outskirts of the battlefield, where she can oversee everything and get them out of trouble when necessary. She's also the one to bag and tag little vicious plague beasts...

Mission: In contrast to Tanea, who is a bit of a crusader, Cecile feels no obligation to fight for the cause and really just longs to find peace and harmony, which she has never experienced in her childhood home. But this of course leads her onto the same path as that of her friends.

She has olive skin, light brown eyes and blonde voluminous hair that falls to above her shoulders. Her body type is fit and curvy. She's a real babe with beautiful cheeks and kissable lips. It's her keen eyes that will tell you she's not as easy to get as she is on the eyes. 
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So love the texture you managed to create!!