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Commission - Sailor Star Aura

Wow. I was really having fun with this one! I'm happy with the lineart - sadly I'm not the worlds best colourist so in case you're in the mood of having a go at it:

Sailor Star Aura belongs to ~adriannauk
Sailormoon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
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That's awesome! Thank you for letting me know! 
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No prob) I like you like idea StarlightUniverse.
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I like her 'cause she's a REDHEAD, which I am
also, I wish I were the line-artist my older sis
Katie WAS, you can see MY attempts to be
BOTH colorist & artist---colors, just at
a retreat, colors from a dollar store section,
my OWN artwork---I do colors, ROUGH concepts,
and written stories.
AURA has RED hair, she's PRETTY, & I like her.
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Heh, thank you! Glad you like her and keep practicing! It's worth it! :)
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Thanks, Di.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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That is a really neat outfit design that Sailor Star Aura is wearing! I love the movement of her hair as well as the effects coming from her hands. :heart:
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I agree! I loved the outfit! And thanks for the rest! ^^
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You're welcome! :hug::heart:

Keep it up.
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wow she is so beautiful! so worth the wait! I love her pose, her hair, everything! :love: I'm going to color that line art too :)thank you so much! :hug:
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COOOL! Glad you like it! Looking forward to seeing your colored version! :)
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