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May 9, 2017
major event by aerroscape
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major event

in our universe, there is still so much to explain, we already have confirmed and explored
such weird stuff going on out there, we couldnt even imagine such events like black holes, gamma ray bursts, gravitational waves could even exist.
our telescopes took us visually already to the borders of the known universe. still, we can never acieve it know everything, the knowledge is limited by our level of scientific technology, the vast distances we have to travel to confirm assumed events, and last but not least, our brain capacity :D. So what we still can do to feed our curiosity, is to imagine, and as a result, to create, it can also trigger the imagination of others, producing a chain reaction..  like Einstein said, Imagination is more important then knowledge, because knowledge is limited. imagination encircles the world.

..well, let's imagine a world where the laws of physics or the properties of the elementary particles differ a bit from those we know from here. This caused the planets to become big, and the stars to be small. They are emerging from the planet's atmosphere into space in huge "galactic-size" storms
Maybe someone will identify the little probe. It is slow, but determined. for me, a symbol for human spirit of discovery and curiosity :ICBM: 

thoughts are welcome, I like to philosophize around (so far my time and by english allow) - maybe it will also trigger some inspiration :)
discover more spacescapes on my page
you can buy a print on society-6
high-quality details of it on my :facebook: page
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RainbowLine (F2U) by XUranusX    RainbowLine (F2U) by XUranusX

Just Brought A Canvas Print of this, Thanks..

Kind Regards, Tao, Norwich, Uk.
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you are amazing.
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Excellent work. Looks like something you might see over CERN.

aerroscape's avatar
if something goes wrong, yes :D
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Heh. There you go :) Good picture. God Willing, nothing too horrific happens this generation in the interdimensional sphere.

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I have NEVER seen anything like this before. Gloriously well done! Clap Clap Clap Heart Heart Heart 
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:) (Smile) :) (Smile) glad you think so, thank you!
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I'm a bit late, but I couldn't avoid stopping by to grant you a star.

Even if you're not formally on my watchlist, you earned a place in my bookmarks. When I need some art to please my tired eyes, you're the go to artist.
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thank you, ok nice to know :) :wave:
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Hey! I was just hopping around on Youtube listening to music to draw by and GUESS WHOOOO IIIII FOUND!!! Super cool and lucky. You are afterall awesome!
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Oops! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
thank you for the link :)
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Ay yo, no problem. Just wanted to let you know!
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And I know that the little probe was launched in 1977, can't tell if it the older 2 or the younger 1
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thanks :)
I think they both were quite similar, at least their look doesnt differ from each other
ScourgeTheYellowCat's avatar
Well, they ARE the same model
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Great work!!👌👌
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Nice stuff as always. 
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